Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Little Duckling

It's encore time for Ewing! Due to popular demand, we brought this handsome boy back for a few more minutes in the spotlight.

As you learned in a previous Blog, Ewing is living the charmed life with his mom, Courtney. Recently, Ewing traveled to Lake Fontana to escape the fanfare that an advertisement for canine apparel brought on. The paparazzi can be brutal-even for the most handsome, confident of BTs.

Doting mom Courtney describes Ewing's first swim at the lake, "He could just kinda glide on top of the water like a little duck. He would swim around but his favorite part was getting out of the water and sun-bathing on the dock... Everyone just loved him and most of the entertainment for the day was watching him swim around and chase the ducks in the lake."

Ewing, your doggie paddle is a work of art.

Swim, swim, swim cheers the Bashful Boston!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Messenger

Hermes is named for a Greek God. A God known for his cunning, swiftness and athleticism. Our Hermes has not veered far from the path of his namesake. Nothing pleases Hermes more than a romp in the park and a puddle of rain water in which he can play. Smart as a whip, Hermes not only understands basic commands, he actually obeys.

The Greek God Hermes is the messenger from the gods to humans. An interpreter of sorts. We must ask ourselves, does our Hermes have a message for us? Perhaps a message of vitaliy, of perseverance, of second chances? Perhaps a plea for a warm place to sleep, a tummy full of good food and a loving pat on the head.

Your message is an important one, Hermes. You remind us of our responsibility to rescue, to rehabilitate and to re-home the millions who suffer each day. Even one makes a difference.

You can visit Hermes on the Available Dogs page of the BTRNC website. Make the difference. Adopt.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Greetings from Pennsylvania

In early 2006 BTRNC had a string of dogs named Sam arrive in foster care. Even more unusual, each of these "Sams" was what we might endearingly describe as "special needs". To avoid confusing both our volunteers and our applicants, BTRNC referred to the dogs as Sam, Sammy and Samuel. Today, the spotlight is on Sam.

After being whisked from a high kill shelter in the nick of time, Sam spent nearly 6 months in foster care with the worst case of seperation anxiety BTRNC had ever seen. In a matter of days, Sam proved that he was a Houdini in the making. Plastic, wire, wood... no problem for Sam, he escaped everything his foster mom cleverly designed to keep him safe while she was away. It was not until the "fortress", an inescapable steel crate, arrived that Sam's plans of going down in canine hero history dwindled. With this problem solved, Sam's foster mom was able to focus on Sam. And what an interesting dog he proved to be. Caught somewhere between a Boxer and a Boston Terrier, Sam was tall and slender- a beautiful but unusual look for your average Boston Terrier. Maybe it was this identity crisis that caught the eye of a couple in Pennsylvania. A couple experienced in Boxer Rescue but looking to "downsize" to a smaller, more compact breed. Sweet, timid Sam fit that bill. Off Sam went to the Keystone state.

From the Adoptive Parents Pam and John: A kiss from Sam is all we need to be reminded of how grateful we are to you for this wonderful little guy who brightens our lives. Sam is a very funny little man and everyone loves him... He continues to amuse us with his antics - he is so smart. Do you know that he can stand on his head? He puts himself in a corner of the sofa and wriggles himself around so that he is actually on his head with his little butt and hind legs up in the air. His anxiety is getting so much better - he doesn't destroy anything when he is in his crate and Vince thinks that is because he gets so much exercise during the day - he runs and runs and runs with Gina outside and when they're in the house they race up and down the steps together and play constantly.

Sam, we will never know what special union created you, but we are delighted to see that you have finally found your place in this world.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stars in His Eyes

Ewing was adopted in 2005 by a young woman named Courtney who had waited years to settle down and find a Boston Terrier of her own. Lucky Ewing was this very special dog. We share with you the life of this charmed little boy.

"Mr. Ewie has already had about 3 cookies today! We went for our afternoon walk during which we have to stop at every single store that has treats for him. He knows which stores to go to and he will nudge the door with his nose until I open the door for him! He is really quite the celebrity downtown. He was in Encore (Magazine) a couple of weeks ago when they did a special section on pets and he is about to be in an ad for the wine shop down here. I have also entered his photo in the Pets of Downtown Wilmington calendar so we will see if he gets picked to be Mr. January... Ewing has 2 girlfriends now, a Boston named Polly (see picture) and a blood hound named Penny. He is quite the ladies man! Just my sweet little boy! He still sleeps with me every night and is snuggled beside me on the couch as I write this. I can't remember what life was like before I had him! "

Courtney, if the Bashful Boston surrenders herself to BTRNC, will you adopt her too?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Head over Heels for Newt

Newt is a 4 year old Boston boy that was rescued from a deplorable puppy mill in December 2004. When Newt arrived in foster care, he was skinny and infested with fleas. His coat was thin and dull and his ears were so infected and inflamed that his ear canals were swollen shut. Hearing loss occurred as a result. After living his entire life in a cage in squalid conditions, he didn't know anything about going outside, going up and down stairs and enjoying the company of humans.

Newt is one of BTRNC's proudest success stories.

Newt loves his new life of freedom, fun, love and good food! He shares it with his BT brother, Riley. Today, we share with you glamour shots of our favorite baby face.

Newt, you have a special place in the heart of the Bashful Boston.

Tara Little

We received a heart-warming update from a BTRNC adoptive family that is worth sharing with Boston lovers everywhere!

"In October of 2004, Tara came into our family! She was such a shy and withdrawn little girl when we got her. She loved her brother, Cooper, immediately and searched for a way to become his best friend. Tara quickly became an integral part of our family! She took to her mommy like a duck to water! She and I bonded from day one. It took her about 3 months to get used to her daddy! She would bark at him every time he came in the door! Now, she spastically runs around talking and wagging her bum until he gives her some attention! It is so cute! The one part of Tara's training that didn't take any time was her bedtime routine.... Since day one, she has slept under the covers at our feet! This past January, we welcomed Becca into our family! She is our first born human child. We weren't sure how well Tara would do with her. Tara became the "mamma dog" instantly! She loves Becca! Cooper is so laid back that he does his own thing, but still loves his little sister! Although, we remember life before Tara... We never want to think of life without her! I have enclosed a few pics of Tara, Cooper, and Becca. Hope you enjoy them! It is amazing how much Tara and Cooper look alike and they aren't related by blood! And they are 6 years apart!"

Tara, the boys must go ga-ga over you. You are a beauty. We are thrilled to see that you have found peace with your forever family.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Piper Prentiss!

Piper was adopted by her mom Trish 2 years ago today. Please take a moment and bask in the beauty of this joyful little girl. A few lines of "Happy Birthday to You..." wouldn't hurt either.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Think Pink

Gidget is a friend of BTRNC, special to us for many reasons. Twelve of her canine friends & family were placed by BTRNC in 2005 after a horrendous Puppy Mill Bust in Sanford, NC. Gidget, along with hundreds of other dogs seized from the property, remains in the legal custody of the Animal League Defense Fund while the court case is settled. You may visit for more information. Two generous and loving BTRNC volunteers stepped forward to care for the lovely Gidget on behalf of ALDF. Emerging from an environment of filth, familiar only with the cruelty that humans can bestow, today, Gidget is flourishing in an atmosphere of love, compassion, patience and understanding.

On this day, we find Gidget on a shopping excursion in downtown Chatham.

1st stop - Breakfast!
2nd stop - Candy shop...Just to look!
3rd stop- Grassy Area!

Gidget, the Bashful Boston has just one question for you. Wherever did you find that fabulous pink visor!!??

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Introducing Daisy

Daisy's story is a sad one to tell. And unfortunately we know it will not be the last. This frail, loving 8-year-old was placed in a crate and abandoned in the parking lot of a veterinary office. Daisy's current foster mom, Liz, tells her story.

I picked her up from a Clinic in SC on Friday on my lunch hour. I took her home where she spent the rest of the day. Her left eye looked terrible, the vet said he had been treating it with no response. Either she had been hit in the eye and/or an ulcer developed, or he wasn't sure, but it appeared to be full of blood and I was concerned. The original plan was for me to keep her through the weekend and one day this week meet someone in Charlotte and then they would take her to the vet in Raleigh. But those plans changed yesterday morning when her pupil started bleeding and she needed medical care. BTRNC authorized me to take her to the Veterinary Clinic. I took her and they said her eye needed to be removed. So they removed it and I brought her home last night at about 7:00. She was pretty uncomfortable and whimpered most of the night. I held her all night and tried to comfort her. This morning she is doing good. She ate her breakfast, took her pain pill, and antibiotic, I have stayed home from work today to put compresses on her eye and keep watch on her.
She is about 14 pounds, sweet, sweet, sweet, She is the calmest sweetest, most loving girl. She has not one time had any accidents in the house. She is so eager to please. She is a special girl. The vet thinks she may be 8 years old. She has a heart murmur and is heartworm negative. She is giving me Boston Terrier kisses even though she hurts and is struggling with that big old Elizabethan Collar...Please say Prayers for Daisy that she will heal quickly without much more pain and that she will find a perfect Forever Home.

Liz, we thank you for taking such tender care of this deserving dog. We know that Daisy is comforted by your devotion during these frightening times.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's a Dog's Life...

We'd like to share an update we received from Tootsie's adoptive mom.

As you know, Tootsie (also known now as Toots...rhymes with foots) was a foster that came to me on Thanksgiving. What a great Thanksgiving Day prize!! Anyway, shortley after the first of the year my friends gave me the funds to adopt her...WHAT a gift! Little Tootsie girl has fit so well into our family. She now weighs in at 20 pounds, LOVES to give wet sloppy kisses, snuggle up on the couch next to me, play with her brother Diego, beat him up and steal his bones (LOL) and greet me with but up, paws out and head down doing the "Wooo Wooo" thing. She is so funny. She loves her food, will eat just about anything.. except lettuce or fruit. Today she and her brother Diego, got a treat....My brother and I saved them the bones (with a good amount of meat on them) from our Porter House steaks..Man, were they happy to get those! Of course I had to protect Diego, as Toots is a bit "bone agressive". She took her bone out into the yard and Diego stayed on the porch with me eating his. Toots really enjoys nursing on a "suckie" as it is referred to. Could call it a "binky". Anything that is small and will fit in her mouth, she will use it as a passifier. Not sure what that is all about, but understand other BT's do it too. Anyway, here is a pix of her sucking on the "suckie aka binky". She really gets into it with her paws just flexing away. It is toooo cute. However, the poor stuffed animal that is her suckie toy has to be thrown in the washer after each "sucking session". Ewwwww, nasty. LOL

Tootsie, it is clear to the Bashful Boston that you have landed in the lap of luxury.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Prince of Belly Rubs

Look at Rascal's face-into his eyes if you will. Do you see it? He's in a state of bliss. Complete trust and adoration of his human, achieved with a gentle stroke of his belly. Rascal knows he's a lucky boy to have a foster mom like Brooke- hopelessly devoted to his happiness. She reports, "He will lie on his back for hours if someone will rub his tummy. If I sit down on the couch, he is immediately lying on his back next to me pawing at my hand. If that doesn't work he'll crawl up in my lap and flop over. Once I start rubbing, he'll lie there with this glazed look in his eyes --- heaven."

The loveable Rascal is still available for adoption . Applications are available on the BTRNC website. Rascal has only one request for his new family. You guessed it, daily belly rubs.

Brooke, your hand must be growing tired by now. Eager volunteers are standing by to relieve you.

Rascal, you certainly know how to enjoy life to the fullest. The Bashful Boston is an admirer.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sam I Am

It was a cold February day that a BTRNC volunteer came across a tiny classified ad in her local paper that caught her attention. "Boston Terrier- Free to Good Home" it read. Concerned for the dog's well-being, the volunteer called the number and convinced the elderly woman who answered the phone to turn the dog over to rescue rather than an unknown fate.

The volunteer arrived to pick up the dog and was disturbed to find that this well-to-do woman had banished this little Boston Terrier from her home to another building on her property where he spent his days alone. Although scruffy, the woman's other dogs remained warm and cozy by her side. It was clear that this little Boston Terrier had been the black sheep of the family.

Days later, the little dog named Samuel arrived in foster care. This untamed, insecure, bundle of energy had a long road ahead of him. It was clear to his foster mom that he had been deprived of human attention for years. Samuel was caught in his own internal rift of wanting to be loved but not knowing how to accept it. Samuel also suffered from what our wise BTRNC foster coordinator calls "poor impulse control." The cats in Samuel's foster home took the brunt of this "condition".

In the months that followed, Samuel progressed in baby steps. He learned that he would be fed twice a day, every day, with yummy treats in-between. He learned that belly rubs were heaven's delight. He learned how to sit, to stay, to come and to wait. He knew a bite of cheese and a pat on the head would be his reward. He learned that baskets of toys existed solely for his own delight. He learned that napping on the couch was allowed, but only if he promised not to drool. Sam never did learn that cats were not on the menu. Nevertheless, Samuel proved he was a diamond in the rough. His journey had begun.

Who would accompany Samuel on the journey that would span the rest of his life? Enter Betsy and Noel, a young couple looking for a Boston Terrier who needed a home. What was special about this couple? They bypassed the easy dogs- the laid-back, quick to smile, carefree dogs. They chose Sam. They knew he was not perfect, they knew he would be a challenge. They chose him anyway.

For the first time in his life, Sam has a real chance for happiness. Here we have two people who can look past his tough exterior and love him for what he is. To Betsy and Noel, we thank you and we wish you luck. To Samuel, be a good boy and listen to your new mom and dad- they'll look out for you.

Oh, little Samuel. Your story touches the heart of the

Bashful Boston

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If it Looks Like a Pig...

If it looks like a pig, snorts like a pig and it rolls in mud like a pig- it must be a pig, right? No, of course not! It's our beloved Sadie. Just look at this girl having the time of her life in a mud pit. Covered nose to toes without a care in the world. Oh, honey, we know how good that feels! We humans pay top dollar for those mud baths. But you, Sadie, ever the conservationist, have so cleverly discovered Mother Nature's generous offering! Sadie has the right idea, ladies! Step outside after a good rain, drop to your belly and get ready for the invigorating feel of fresh mud seeping deep into your skin. Sadie recommends rotating every 2 minutes to ensure the mud is evenly distributed.

Sweet Sadie is still available for adoption and waiting for a family who will nurture her adventurous personality. Applications are available on the BTRNC website.

Fun-loving Sadie, your bold moves endear you to the

Bashful Boston

Monday, June 05, 2006


Welcome to the first edition of the Boston Blogger, a blog dedicated solely to Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina- its dogs, its volunteers and what makes this group so unique.

This is a space to feature photography and updates and perhaps, most importantly, a chance for foster moms and dads to share their stories.

Welcome aboard, we're happy to have you.

Don't be shy, take our hand and we'll guide you through the wonderful world of Bostons.

Your devoted,

Bashful Boston