Monday, November 28, 2011


What a perfect name for this young man that I had the pleasure of meeting at our rescue meeting about a month ago. He is long legged, goofy, loving, confused, high energy and gorgeous. There he was in a crate for at least 5 minutes before one of us took him out. He was drownding out the lunch and sure to do the same during the meeting. Once out of the crate, he was long as someone either had him in their lap or in what I call the "dangle". The dangle is particularly easy on long legged dogs for some reason. Place dog on your strong side hip with your arm encircling his middle, go about your business. As long as your shoulder and arm hold up, you can do most anything while the hyper ones are in a dangle. My vet actually clips, toenails, examines teeth and ears, and gives shots while Riley is in the dangle.

Is Murphy a handfull? Yes. Does he need to learn some more manners such as not confusing your hand for a rubber teething toy? Yes. Will he keep you entertained wit his antics? Yes. Will your time and effort be worth it? Most Definitely.

Murphy is as cute as he is fired up. He loves other dogs, and although we do not know about cats, my suspicion based on nothing other than experience with long legged wild bostons is that he would chase but do no harm. He was just a puppy when he was abandoned and left behind by whoever owned him briefly or at least owned his mother. He was very underweight when we got him and his putting on weight slowly. We suspect that he may not have had the full 8 weeks with his Mom and may therefore not have learned all that she had to teach him about the world. When this happens, and it happens too often, it falls to humans to fill in the gaps. Perhaps this is why we first had to teach him that he has to walk on the floor, not the walls or the ceiling and that he cold not reach a light fixture hanging from the ceiling.

Murphy does sleep ocassionally. I see his foster family has learned the vice grip tactic as well. Hold a wild one this way long enough and they will, I promise, eventually go to sleep!

Handsome boy even has the hagerty spot on top of his head. We need to disclose, however, that this perfect button should not be construed to be an on/off switch. BTRNC assumes no responsiblity for the failure of any perceived off swith to actually work.

If you are the type of person that wants a fun loving, wildly energetic, always entertaining, walking, running, hiking, playing buddy and/or who has other dogs which you would like to tire out... Murphy may be your man. If you are laid back and want to rest and watch TV after a long day at work, alas, Murphy would probably not be your best choice, at least for another 10 years. Please check him out on our Available Dogs page. We say thank you!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


It seems lately that with radio stations, retail, Internet ads, and television that we move straight from Trick or Treat to Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. With all that we have to be thankful for, it's a shame that Thanksgiving is getting lost in the Christmas crunch.

The economy has not been kind of late, many more of us are doing without or learning to live in a new normal. Most of us reading this however, are also aware that there are many others, both four footed and two who have it much worse than we do. We find ourselves being a little more generous and doing what we can to help those less fortunate and amazingly feel better and happier for it.

This year BTRNC is thankful for the many new members we have added, for our sanctuary dogs who are still with us for one more holiday season, for high kill shelter dogs we were able to save, for all our foster dogs, all our volunteers, friends and supporters.

Our foster dogs are thankful once again for warm places to sleep, laps to cuddle, human and canine friends to play with, regular meals, needed medication and surgeries, and as always, most of all LOVE!!!!

Gizmo is thankful for warm blankets and rays of sun!

Prissy is thankful that even know her Foster Mom can't imagine

why she has not been adopted, that she has a warm loving place while she waits!

ducky is thankful that when things didn't work out at his adoptive home

BTRNC welcomed him back with open arms and hugs!

Dora is very thankful to be safe and in foster care

and knows that her forever home cannot be far away.

So, please accept our thanks, gather with your families, friends, co-workers, those less fortunate, and enjoy Thanksgiving and give it the place of honor it deserves.

And of course afterward, please feel free to shop our Christmas Card, auction items, and 2012 calendar and/or check out our available dogs page. If you are able and are so inclined, please also check out our Chip In Program to help us cover the ever rising vet bills this year.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011



Look no further than our Miss Sallie. Sallie is a wonderful and sweet 3 year old who came to us from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are usually breeding facilities where the dogs are caged with minimal socialization and only let out of their cages to make more puppies. I won't go on any further about that here since Sallie is safely out and living the good life with her foster Dad.

Sallie requires daily eye drops so she can make sufficient tears to keep her eye moist. In the grand scheme of things, daily eye drops are a blip on the radar as health issues go. She has worked through much of her earlier anxiety and is blossoming into a loving, playful girl.

She has however developed, shall we say an attachment, to the resident boxer in her foster home. As you can see from the pictures, Hannah is a "little larger" than Sallie. Sallie has decided that Hannah is an aero mattress sent from heaven as her cuddle buddy, pillow and blanket. Wouldn't it be nice if Sallie's forever family had a large aero matress, I mean dog to continue the ritual?

Please give Sallie a second look on our available dogs pages. Help us to confirm for her that puppy mills do not represent the majority of what life has to offer this darling girl. Thank you.