Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's a Dog's Life...

We'd like to share an update we received from Tootsie's adoptive mom.

As you know, Tootsie (also known now as Toots...rhymes with foots) was a foster that came to me on Thanksgiving. What a great Thanksgiving Day prize!! Anyway, shortley after the first of the year my friends gave me the funds to adopt her...WHAT a gift! Little Tootsie girl has fit so well into our family. She now weighs in at 20 pounds, LOVES to give wet sloppy kisses, snuggle up on the couch next to me, play with her brother Diego, beat him up and steal his bones (LOL) and greet me with but up, paws out and head down doing the "Wooo Wooo" thing. She is so funny. She loves her food, will eat just about anything.. except lettuce or fruit. Today she and her brother Diego, got a treat....My brother and I saved them the bones (with a good amount of meat on them) from our Porter House steaks..Man, were they happy to get those! Of course I had to protect Diego, as Toots is a bit "bone agressive". She took her bone out into the yard and Diego stayed on the porch with me eating his. Toots really enjoys nursing on a "suckie" as it is referred to. Could call it a "binky". Anything that is small and will fit in her mouth, she will use it as a passifier. Not sure what that is all about, but understand other BT's do it too. Anyway, here is a pix of her sucking on the "suckie aka binky". She really gets into it with her paws just flexing away. It is toooo cute. However, the poor stuffed animal that is her suckie toy has to be thrown in the washer after each "sucking session". Ewwwww, nasty. LOL

Tootsie, it is clear to the Bashful Boston that you have landed in the lap of luxury.


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