Monday, October 31, 2011


I am sure you have all seen plenty of e-mails, posts, tweets etc. about Halloween hazards for our four footed friends so I won't belabor the point here. I will share that on our walk last week, I had to pick Riley up and carry him over so I could "pat" the supersized cat with the turning head and the glowing eyes. Kitty turned his big head towards us just as we approached and the growling, barking, backing up, but not too far ritual began. Where is a photographer with a camera and a night flash when you need one? One family along my walking trail used to nail a witch to a phone pole every year. You know the kind, it looks like the witch slammed into the tree in full flight. Every year, my senior Kip (now at the bridge) would have to stop and bark at that witch and try to reach her legs so he could pull her from that pole.

I would like to offer you instead some pictures of the sweetest treats you will every find. No calories, but so full of sugar, you may get a cavity anyway. These babies are waiting to jump into your trick or treat bags and provide you with years of love, laughter, and continous treats.

Here is Miss Sophia going for a car ride with Foster Mom

This is Mocha with a soccer ball just the right size

Don't forget Gizmo who is napping in the sun.


And last bust most certainly not least, Buster Curtis who has much to explore!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So many times in rescue, we hear owners say announce that they are having a baby so "of course we have to get rid of the dog!" Or, "we just don't have time for the dog any more now that we have a baby." Or, the dogs had to be moved outside, after all we have a baby in the house now," or my personal favorite, "the toddler crawled up to the dog while he was sleeping and pulled his lips out really far and the dog snapped at her, so he has to go immediately!"


It is therefore my great pleasure to share the story of Alisa Smith, her husband and baby Luke.

The Smiths have welcomed 2 rescued bostons into their lives to join their family of 1 resident boston. They have Max, Charotte and Gracie. One month ago, Luke entered the world and joined this family.

Unlike the comments and thoughts above, Alisa wanted to make sure she did everything to make the dogs feel secure during the pregnancy, the birth and beyond. She allowed the dogs in the nursery when it was done. She brought a blanket home from the hospital with Luke's scent on it. When she came home from the hospital, she came in the house first to greet the dogs without the baby. Charlotte was so thrilled to understand that the nursery that she had been afraid to enter was for a new human being for her to love, her stress vanished.

Charlotte and Gracie stand vigil while Luke is awake, keeping Mom company while she feeds him. They sleep when Luke is asleep, understanding the enormous responsibility to always keep baby safe. And perhaps most amazing of all, they never bother any of Luke's toys. These are dogs that live to tear up a stuffie or other toy, yet somehow they understand that they belong to someone too young to protect his own stuff so they do it for him.

This is mostly a story about the result that can happen when instead of dismissing our four legged family members as no longer useful baggage when we are blessed with adding a human life, we make some effort to make everyone feel included and still important.

Little Gracie has the hardest time sharing attention. Therefore, Alisa find a way for both to be included.

Charlotte is the Nanny so she is allowed to keep closest vigil over Luke.

Congratulations on the birth of Luke and to Alisa for knowing that there is room for everyone - four legged and two.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Lately, I have noticed that boston terriers are showing up everywhere. There is one in the Target commercial who empties all the water out of his bowl with his paws - buy paper towels. There is one a commercial for the Virginia cable carrier - he is enjoying television on the sofa with his people. There is one featured in the Pets Mart Vet Clinic poster. Yesterday, I even saw one in a a commercial for furniture. Apparently their irresistible cuteness is no longer a secret and advertising executives have learned how adorable their little faces are and how they can charm the audience into buying their product. Maybe it all started with the boston in the movie, Hotel for Dogs.

Is this good news? Not so much really. Whenever I see a spike in breed media coverage, I think of the original release of 101 Dalmations when countless viewers rushed to their local pet stores and newspaper to purchase these adorable little black and white balls of cuteness they had seen on the big screen. Well guess what - those little cuties grow into big dogs who are high energy, can have health issues, must be socialized, shed like crazy and can be prone to deafness. So... many of these dogs were dumped in shelters or pounds and the lucky ones made it into rescue.

Boston Terrier puppies are beyond adorable and when they perform for the camera, how could you not want to reach into the screen and cuddle one of your own. Bostons are high energy, people needing, indoor requiring, walk, play and socializing demanding beautiful wonderful dogs. But, whenb people do not do their research and rush out to get one, shelters and pounds and rescues are filled with boston terriers who were more than the buyer bargained for and was more workthan they were willing to undertake. Not to mention, that buying any dog means one less will be adopted and one more will die.

We are thrilled that you have come to our website and we thank you for considering rescue and we want to work with you to tell you all about this wonderful breed and if appropriate, try to make the perfect match! One more option you may consider, as all of the above happens and rescues are asked to take in more bostons, we are desperate for more foster homes. If you would like to help these fur babies but are not ready or able to adopt, please go to our home page, click on the volunteer link and read all about the foster program. If interested, please fill out an application. Not only could you be the next one to save another life, you will also meet some of the best people in the world, our BTRNC volunteers!