Tuesday, July 23, 2013


While we always hope and expect that our dogs who are placed with forever families will stay there forever, sadly this cannot always be the case. 

When we make the committment to brinig a dog into the BTRNC family, it is for their lifetime.  Regardless of how long a time or how short or the reason for the return to rescue, we lovingly bring the angel back into our fold.  We include the agreement that a BTRNC dog will not be rehomed for any reason but will be returned to the rescue in the paperwork our adoptive families sign.

We recently had the privilege of honoring this committment with sweet Luna, who was adopted over 5 years ago and recently returned to rescue.  Unfortunately, she became 5 years older so she is now classified as a senior.  We all know that seniors can be difficult to place and often remain in our foster care for the duration of their lives.

Not so with Miss Luna.  She stole the heart of a special Mom in Virginia and hitched a ride across NC and VA to her new forever home!!!   Yippee Miss Luna.  You must be a very special girl who deserved to be selected not once but twice.  All reports are that Luna and her new Mom are very happy together!

You go girl!!! 


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