Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Our last post was about Rocky who overcame heart worms.  This post is about another Rocky, also with heart worms but thankfully not with the same issues during treatment.

Meet Rocky 2, a 10 year old big boy who was lucky and found his forever family.

 Rocky was a little on the hefty side, about 41 pounds hefty to be exactly.  Excess weight in dogs is very hard on their heart, lungs, joints, etc.  A dog's life expectancy is reduced by up to a year for every extra pound.  Try to remember that the next time they give you those soulful eyes that are so hard to refuse.  They say that everything in life is a trade off and for Rocky the trade was, giving up some high calorie foods in exchange for a loving family complete with a boston sister.   We think that a family plus the health benefit of shedding a few pounds is a pretty good trade.  Dining on green beans and grain free food, Rocky is now down to 36 pounds and counting.  That is a big deal for a dog.  Heck, that is a big deal for most humans as well.

Rocky and her 12 year old sister, Lola are not exactly best pals but they do tolerate each other.  They also stand side by side at the screen door if there is the possibility of a lamp chop on the grill.

Rocky is also now enjoying walks as a part of his exercise routine.  Probably due to his super size, passers by often want to know if Rocky is a pit bull.  When Rocky's people asked the vet if she thought Rocky was mixed with anything other than boston, she replied "yes, a Holstein cow"".

We are so thrilled that Rocky is living the good life with a wonderful family.  We know we will see Rocky's slim physique on an add for the grain and bean diet one day.


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