Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Introducing Daisy

Daisy's story is a sad one to tell. And unfortunately we know it will not be the last. This frail, loving 8-year-old was placed in a crate and abandoned in the parking lot of a veterinary office. Daisy's current foster mom, Liz, tells her story.

I picked her up from a Clinic in SC on Friday on my lunch hour. I took her home where she spent the rest of the day. Her left eye looked terrible, the vet said he had been treating it with no response. Either she had been hit in the eye and/or an ulcer developed, or he wasn't sure, but it appeared to be full of blood and I was concerned. The original plan was for me to keep her through the weekend and one day this week meet someone in Charlotte and then they would take her to the vet in Raleigh. But those plans changed yesterday morning when her pupil started bleeding and she needed medical care. BTRNC authorized me to take her to the Veterinary Clinic. I took her and they said her eye needed to be removed. So they removed it and I brought her home last night at about 7:00. She was pretty uncomfortable and whimpered most of the night. I held her all night and tried to comfort her. This morning she is doing good. She ate her breakfast, took her pain pill, and antibiotic, I have stayed home from work today to put compresses on her eye and keep watch on her.
She is about 14 pounds, sweet, sweet, sweet, She is the calmest sweetest, most loving girl. She has not one time had any accidents in the house. She is so eager to please. She is a special girl. The vet thinks she may be 8 years old. She has a heart murmur and is heartworm negative. She is giving me Boston Terrier kisses even though she hurts and is struggling with that big old Elizabethan Collar...Please say Prayers for Daisy that she will heal quickly without much more pain and that she will find a perfect Forever Home.

Liz, we thank you for taking such tender care of this deserving dog. We know that Daisy is comforted by your devotion during these frightening times.


At 12:53 AM, Blogger BostonGirlie said...

"We love you ,Daisy get well soon!"


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