Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eyore entered BTRNC foster care in 2006 at 6 years old. Although six is not quite a senior, it is certainly on the high end of successful adoptions. In foster care, Eyore was a shy cuddle bug who was house trained and laid back. Despite of his age or maybe because of it, a forever family came along who wanted to make Eyore a part of their family. We received an update in October that reminds the volunteers at BTRNC once again why we do what we do and we are always thankful to keep tabs on the dogs that were once a part of a foster family's life and who will always be missed.

Eyore's family lost their cocker spaniel in June and they tell us that Eyore's presence helped the family to cope and that Eyore is happy with the extra attention. Here in part is the update as told my Eyore's forever family:

It will be 2 years in November since I adopted Eyore and he became part of
my family. He is such a joy. Everyone with whom he comes in
contact falls in love with him. Jasmine is almost 4 now and they love each
other. Jasmine calls him her "Big Boy". Jasmine is at the stage
where she loves to race. They will stand at the end of the hall and
Jasmine will say, "get on your mark, set, go" and they will take off racing down
the hall. Eyore wins of course and he just grins real big like he knows he
won. If I clap my hands he will take off running the Boston Terrier 500.
His paws hardly touch the floor as he goes faster and faster around the
room. Eyore loves everybody and is free with those Boston kisses. If
I am sitting down he is beside me with his head on my lap. Even
though he is a big snorer he is the best bed buddy. He loves to go
for rides in the truck. When I pick up my keys he takes off running to the
door and is waiting there with a big grin. He loves to lay in the window
sill and sun. When I get home from work in the afternoons he is peaking
out the window looking for me. He jumps down and runs for the door and I
can hear him yodeling on the other side of the door when I put
my key in. Having Eyore as my baby has been such a blessing and
I am so thankful.

It seems that this 8 year old receives love and returns it times ten. He is a lucky boy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


There are basically two schools of thought regarding clothes and dogs. Those who believe that dogs have fur and that should be the end of the subject and those who believe that humans have skin and most have hair, yet we wear clothes, so why the difference? Dogs are rarely asked their opinion although they are quite able to convey their thoughts without need of speech. Meet Santino, foster turned forever baby in pajamas????

Any doubt on his opinion of having yellow ducks all over his back?
And here to also express her displeasure his Santino's sister - also not a fan!

Boston Terriers may have fur, but not much of it and therefore most appreciate a sweater for the winter months. The astute family can usually guess whether their dog likes a sweater by the amount of tries, flying fur, barking, overall movement and time it takes to get the sweater on the dog. Most that like it will sit very still and actually help you by raising their paws and bending their heads. Turning into an octopus with a flight instinct is not generally a good sign.

Ah no..... says Puggles former foster now forever baby!

And then in a whole other category are holiday costumes. It take a very special dog to embrace this concept. Maggie found a way to enjoy her Easter costume - just stick your head in the bucket and look for treats at the same time ensuring that no other dogs will recognize her!

Halloween costumes are big business in the dog world and have enjoyed their own blog space in the past. Here is Callie as the devil and she seems to be enjoying the entire idea!And finally, doesn't Thumper look just adorable in her little dress? Koochie Koochie Koo. Can't you close your eyes and hear Thumper's response?

Funny how I don't seem to have pictures of happy bostons in their sweaters even though they are many? Guess they don't make quite as memorable a picture. Seriously, if your boston or other very short haired dog is shivering or flies in the house to lay across the nearest heat vent, has to be carried outside in the cold, or has any skin condition making their fur even less, by all means put them in a sweater. Rain coats and booties.. the Boastful Boston will leave between you and your best fur friend!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Have you ever wondered how long it must take to teach dogs to do those amazing tricks on YouTube and television? The sit, down, stay, shake thing is hard enough. The endless repetitions it takes and the patience to slowly model random behavior into the desired result! Not everyone is blessed with that much patience and not cut out for the task - no shame in that.
Every once in a while, however, a person or two comes along with endless patience and love to help a damaged dog find their way back to themselves and to happiness.

Such was the case with Mickey, BTRNC's Katrina survivor who lost his family and home in the path of the devastating hurricane. In his foster home, Mickey was a challenge - terrified one minute and aggressive the next and unable to get along with most other dogs. Mickey had lost trust and along with that, his ability to bond with humans again. His foster Mom provided everything she could for him along with patience. Mickey is a handsome little guy and many people saw him on our available dogs page and wanted to adopt him. Unfortunately, the visits were not successful due in part to his interactions with existing family dogs.
Along comes a couple who were determined to make Mickey "their dog". His foster Mother explained all of his faults and challenging behavior. They were not deterred - Mickey was meant for them. The adoption was complete and Mickey was home in 2006. The transition has not been easy and Mickey's new family could have given up many times along the way. They were among those with that wonderful gift of patience. Mickey was a no refund no return member of their family. They praised lavishly for good behavior, ignored inappropriate. They loved him unconditionally and only used positive reinforcement. They exposed him to other dogs and children and parks to help him socialize. They never gave up.
Mickey's former foster Mom received an update with some pictures recently. Mickey now has a fur rescue sibling - Lola.
He has made friends at the park and is beginning to bond again.
It seems that patience does pay off. BTRNC and Mickey sure are glad!