Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Fresh Start

Seven-year-old Bakira didn't spend long on our Available Dogs page. Bakira arrived in foster care less than two weeks ago with moderate anxiety issues- loss of appetite, shaking, and licking her paws until they were red and hairless. These symptoms had been too much for Bakira's previous owner to handle. Bakira needed a fresh start. But a fresh start is a lot to ask from an emotionally wounded seven year old. Will Bakira rise to the challenge and take life one paw at a time?

Bakira's adoptive mom Jen shares an update and Bakira's new name!

I brought Pip (formerly Bakira) home with me last Saturday and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful she is. She is so well trained, well behaved, smart and fun! When I brought her home Saturday she was my shadow but only 5 days later I can tell that she’s comfortable in her new home. She’s become independent and quite the explorer but is always ready to snuggle when called. She loves her tennis balls (the miniature ones) and will play fetch for hours. She wants to play with my cat, Chunk but he’s not too sure about her yet. I’m sure in time they’ll become friends! I can’t thank BTRNC enough for finding Pip for me. She is perfect and I can’t imagine life without her! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pauley's Prized Possession

Our robust Pauley hit the jackpot when he arrived in foster care. On lend to him from his generous foster parents was the toy of all toys. Better than a rope, better than a pig ear, even better than a peanut butter filled kong! What lay before Pauley's eyes was beyond his imagination. Pauley had his very own golf cart.

What, might you ask, would a Boston Terrier do with a golf cart? Go to work, of course! With the keys hanging discreetly from his collar, Pauley is always on the go.

During the day, Pauley has taken it upon himself to monitor the goings on of his neighborhood golf course. Whether its a stray ball, a disorderly golfer or an unwanted rodent on the course, Pauley works diligently to keep his golf course immaculate and his golfers in-line.

After a hard day's work on the course, Pauley sits down for a hearty dinner. But the day is not over! After sunset, Pauley wears his neighborhood security badge with honor. He revvs up his cart and takes to the mean streets to protect, honor and serve.

Pauley takes his job seriously (well, except for the time he went for a little joy ride in pursuit of a "cat" burglar) but retirement is looming. Pauley is looking for an adoptive home where he can kick back and relax. He is ready to entrust neighborhood security into the paws of another.

If you can provide a retirement home for the hard working Pauley, please visit our Available Dogs page and complete an application. All applicants must be informed that the golf cart is not included in adoption fees...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kiss and Tell

Our newest arrival Wally has a secret.

Wally thinks he is the best Boston kisser in the history of the breed. One smooch, planted unexpectedly on his foster mom, and she was a believer.

Might this be the face of a dog that all others strive to become? Might this be the tongue that is replicated and remembered by time honored statues for years to come?

Look closely at this picture. A dignified face, you say? Don't be fooled, Wally is planning his next move- scanning his neighborhood in search of a face to plant his next kiss.

Lord only knows how many followers Wally has enchanted with his big, slobbery kisses. Lord only knows how many more unsuspecting victims, er individuals, Wally intends to kiss in his lifetime.

Wally's reputation is at stake here, ladies and gentleman. Is he in fact the best Boston kisser that has ever walked this earth? Let's help this boy out the best we can and let him prove it! Should you ever encounter our Wally please close your eyes and prepare for a stupefying, face-drenching kiss of a lifetime. The Bashful Boston promises you won't be disappointed.

If you are interested in a long term relationship with Wally, please visit our Available Dogs page for more information.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Unconditional Lulu

This face is a familiar one if you are a regular visitor of the BTRNC website. Here we have the adorable Lulu adopted just a couple of weeks ago by a couple looking to open their home to a special Boston Terrier. Lulu was that lucky girl.

We received a note from Lulu's new mom that aptly describes post-Boston life.

It has been fun discovering her very distinct personality, that she had a special bark for the doorbell or a knock on the door, that she doesn’t like having her ears touched, that she loves loves loves being rubbed on the belly, and hates getting her little paws on wet grass. She is constantly charging up with toys so that we will play with her. We have nicknamed her “mooch” for her rapt attention anytime either one of us goes into the kitchen for any reason. She has claimed the laundry basket alcove in our bedroom as her place to sleep, each night she carefully tugs out one of my husband’s shirts, pulls it into her little doggie bed and curls up on top...

People say that having a pet around reduces the stress level, and for me, being welcomed home with unconditional love and kisses and then taking her for her long evening walk around the neighborhood easily washes away the workday. My husband loves to come home and play games with her, and its usually the first time I see him smile after a long workday.

We are happy to report that this is definitely Lulu’s “forever” home, as they say. We enjoy her company to no end and love her dearly. We owe a big thanks to BTRNC!

No need to thank us, Lulu's mom. Thank you for bypassing those nearly irresistible Boston puppies and choosing to rescue an adult. Thank you for your patience in moving through the adoption process. Thank you for opening your home to a dog that had been shut out from another. Thank you for the love, stability and sense of belonging that you offer Lulu day in and day out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Franny is Waiting for a Home of Her Own

Today, foster mom Karen introduces you to her beloved Franny.

Want to introduce you to the sweetest foster I have ever had, Franny...

She has a favorite pillow she has taken over since she arrived although she will share if you ask nicely!! She likes to chew on bones although this is a new thing since she started feeling better. This is the only time I have heard her growl at the other dogs if they try to take that bone away, but not a mean growl so we just say "no" and call the other doggies off and she goes back to that sweet little girl.

My oldest child is a Min Pin person, well since Franny came into our house we are convincing her what is the better dog. Franny is the only foster who has ever been allowed to sleep in my oldest ones bed and has been since about day three that she was here.
Her favorite thing is to lay in front our side door and sun bath she will do it for hours on end if you let her. This past weekend she started wanting to just lay in the sun when you take her out, she
does her business and then plops down whereever and doesn't want to get up you have to go and pick her up and carry her in the house. That stubburn Boston coming out!!!
Franny will be missed by all in my house when she goes onto that perfect home that I know she will find. My family has enjoyed all our babies and have worked to make them all good Bostons, but in Franny's case no work was needed other than to get her through her sickness [heartworm disease].

If you'd like to hear more about the delightful little Franny, please visit the Available Dogs page.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rest in Peace, Shugi

Nearly one year ago, BTRNC members pulled a 14 year old abandoned female from a shelter in NC. She was close to death on the day she was rescued but her spirt never faltered. Shugi suprised us all and lived nearly a year with her loving foster family. Shugi passed on September 6, 2006 in the arms of her foster mom.

Our volunteer Michele tells of the first leg of Shugi's journey.

I will never forget the day I got Shugi from the Animal Control officer. I never thought she’d live through the transport. As I waited to meet Cathy for the final leg of the trip, I decided I had time to go through the Mc Donald’s drive through and get myself a snack. I got a burger, pulled into a parking spot and decided I would sit in the back seat next to Shugi to keep her company. She was so sick she hadn’t moved and I constantly kept checking to see if she was even breathing. Well, I un-wrapped my burger and noticed they had put pickles on it….and I don’t eat pickles.
So I slowly picked them off and laid them on the wrapper………in less that ½ a second this old gal moved like a lightening bolt, snatched and swallowed both pickles and was back in her resting spot! My pickles disappeared into the mouth of Shugi! Out of nowhere she pounced, Holy Smokes! So, Shugi and I made another trip through the McDonald’s drive through and this time she got her own burger- which she devoured in seconds. I nicknamed her "Pickles" after that incident.

Shugi's foster mom pays tribute to the dog who touched so many lives.

Many of you have seen the Blog on my favorite foster Shugi. I am writing this Blog to say a final good-bye to my favorite foster. I posted to the group last week that we had put Shugi down, well this one is to honor her one last time.

The nickname that she got at our house was Jabber Jaws , for the sole reason she always would snap at food when it was offered to her and my girls said it was the perfect fit.
I want to thank everybody for their words of sympathy they meant a lot, I will always remember my time with her and not once will I regret having offered to foster her or having said I would be her permanent foster mom.

I want to thank Cathy Triche for taking such good care of her the few weeks she had her, I know having a dog that sick is not an easy task. I also want to thank Roberta, Betsy, and Dawn for taking her into the rescue where she lived out her life being a very spoiled little girl.
Michele, thanks for sharing the story above with me and thanks for helping to get her into the loving arms of her foster families, first Cathy and then mine.

Rest in peace Shugi and know that you will always have a special place in my heart.
Love always from you foster family,

James, Karen, Nicki and Brittany and of course can’t forget the four legged friends, Buddy, Kimber, Tiny and Franny.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ewing's Summer Vacation

The last time we heard from Ewing he was swimming in Lake Fontana beside his doting mom, Courtney. Not long before that, Ewing advised us to keep an eye out for his gorgeous mug in the pages of more than one publication in Wilmington.

Today's material may incite envy in the hearts and minds of Bostons everywhere. We suggest you view this Blog in private- far, far away from those wandering bug eyes.

Ready? Don't say I didn't warn you...

Our last communication from Ewing traveled across the country to reach us. Deep from the heart of Yosemite National Park arrived a virtual postcard.

To BTRNC, Just wanted to send a pic of me as I enjoy Yosemite National Park. Pictured with me is mom, mom's boyfriend Jon, and his dog Lucky (my big brother). I had so much fun walking on all the trails and receiving attention from the other tourists here. I leave on Sunday to head back to NC but I think I like the California squirrels much better than the ones in NC. Me and Lucky have so much fun chasing them around the backyard.

Have you ever heard of a dog living a more charmed life than our little Ewing? Clearly, mom Courtney is a firm believer in family vacations- and a family vacation isn't complete without all four-legged members in tow!

Dearest Ewing, it is with some difficulty that we unselfishly set all notions of jealousy aside and anxiously await details of all your future travels!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Heartbreaker

Our very own Buster Brown is melting the hearts of women all over the state of North Carolina. And for good reason! Look at those soulful brown eyes, that wrinkly little forehead and that gorgeous caramel and chocolate swirl coat. And to think there isn' t an egotistical stitch in this guy's body. This is a once in a lifetime kind of dog.

Buster arrived in foster care with terribly dry skin as a result of a severe flea allergy. His poor rear end was nearly bald! But no more! Buster has made a nice recovery and is on the prowl for a loving family. Look deep into this sweet boy's eyes and just try to resist that beautiful Boston charm. Betchya can't do it.

Swooning ladies, compose yourselves. Follow our link to visit Buster Brown on the Available Dogs page...while there's still time. This mellow sweetheart won't last long!

Monday, September 04, 2006

An Update on Katie

You've read her story on our home page and maybe you've read of Katie in a previous Blog. Today, we hear direct from Katie's foster mom who shares with us how Katie is coping with terminal cancer.

"Emotionally, Katie is doing wonderful. She has become so playful and loving. She has learned how good it feels to get her butt scratched, and now everytime I sit down she comes and leans up against me at looks at her backside! She loves to run around the yard, and we've even caught her doing the BT500. She does this funny little grunting noise while she's running around. It's too funny. All this from a girl that just 3 short months ago I had to physically drag out of the kennel to go outside.

Physically, things are not going so well for this angel. I took her in for a follow up x-ray of her lungs, and 4 more areas have appeared just the last 2 months. She also has a couple of infected places around her incision. Her vet is not sure what's going on or why these infections are appearing. They may have something to do with the mammary cancer, but we don't know. She also has a lump on her right elbow. It may be mast cell or it may be benign. Again, we don't know. Her vet doesn't want to aspirate it because if it's mast cell, that could make the histimines spread and cause her to have a severe reaction.

So, we are treating her problems as best we can to keep her comfortable and happy for however long she has left. Considering the rate at which the cancer is showing up in her lungs, it could be just a matter of a few months. But right now, she is happy, content and spoiled rotten. Just as she should be."

Yes, just as she should be. We thank Katie's foster mom, dad and sisters for providing Katie a home, a warm lap, a romp in the backyard and yummy treats during her last months.

If you would like to make a donation to BTRNC in Katie's name, please visit our donations page and click on the Make a Donation button.