Friday, September 26, 2014

THE UNFINISHED STORY OF LILA RAE Okay, so I stopped publishing the blog over a year ago. The software on this site became hard to manage and hard to post pictures, social media offers a more efficient and visible way of getting the word out to our followers and fans. But today, if just one person who does not facebook, tweet, instagram or pintrest, sees this blog and has a lead on our Lila Rae, I had to take the opportunity. Lila is also feature on our home page at Today is her 4th birthday. She belonged to a breeder but was never bred. The breeder turned her into rescue and she was fostered by our member, Tina Howell. She was posted on our website as available for adoption and someone wanted her! Lila found her forever home leaving breeders and rescues behind and becoming a permanent part of a real family. She was delivered from the loving arms of her foster Mom on Sunday, September 20th into the anxious and excited arms of her new family in Chesapeake, VA. Then..... she escaped within an hour of arriving at her new home. She has been on the run in Chesapeake, VA since September 20th. She is still (as far as we know) wearing her harness, tags and her leash. She has been cited in the area several times since her big escape. She is scared, tired, hungry, and too afraid to approach anyone who has seen her. Her foster Mom and the entire rescue community reaching far beyond BTRNC has come together in an effort to find this lost precious baby. Social medial has been flooded, many of our members and those of other rescues have updated their profile pictures on facebook to Lila's lost poster. Volunteers have spent hours in first sunshine, then pouring rain combing the area where she was last seen. They have walked until their feet and joints are numb, they have been drenched and covered in tick bites. Lila's foster Mom has taken off work and is commuting between Richmond and Chesapeake to search for Lila. Local highschool radio stations and local news stations have shared the story. There are prayer chains, facebook threads, private messages, posts and e-mails. It seems that the world has united to find this lost dog who has no idea where she is or that the intent in the car trip to a strange place was to have a forever home. Her foster Mom has also posted how humbled she has been over the past 5 days for the outpouring of help, emotional, volunteer foot traffic, flyers, sharing posts, etc. She has made new life long friends along this journey. Now all we need is a happy ending. Find Lila Rae is also a new facebook page. May it be the shortest lived page in the history of facebook because she has been found. If you are reading this and have any contacts in or new Chesapeake, VA, please join us in our search. Contact information is 804 647 4898. The area is roughly Cedar Road, Battlefield Park. She escaped from Callison Drive. She is microchipped. Thank you for your support. There are pictures of her everywhere but this stupid software won't ever let me upload them.