Thursday, September 25, 2008


Anyone who has had the good fortune to have a boston terrier in their life is familiar with the boston terrier 500. Although the origin is not confirmed, many think that bostons are born with a tiny man in their head that occasionally for no apparent reason, tells the boston to run anywhere in any direction or in circles in an attempt to reach the speed of light.

Kiera is a gold medal winner at this sport. Sometimes we spell her name Keira - we're not sure how we want to spell it but if you adopt her you can spell it any way you like or change it to anything you like. She is featured on her available dogs page and she is a beauty. Here is a rare shot of a boston actually caught during a boston terrier 500! Go Kiera Go!
Here she is when the little man in her head takes break!

And here is her opinion of being still.

Kiera is enjoying all the comforts of her foster home and is learning to explore outside and to play with toys inside. When she's not running, her tongue remains in constant motion and giving kisses with it is one of her favorite activities.

Kiera believes in variety and enjoys trying out the bedding and decor in her fur siblings crates as well as her own. She considers this to be important to make sure her crate is still in style and with all the modern amenities.

Her foster Mom reports that she is a pleasure to have in the house and that it is fun to watch her experience so many new things that a life with love has to offer. Kiera would love to have her own forever home with endless opportunities to explore. She will give you endless kisses in return.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hi, my name is Gunner and I was rescued by BTRNC much earlier this year. I came to live with a nice lady named Liz who everyone said was my foster mother. I never was sure what that meant but I didn't really care because Liz was very nice to me. She held me, walked me, hugged me, let me give her kisses, fed me and made me feel warm and safe. I was one happy dog after I met Liz. She called me her big marshmallow! I don't know what marshmallow's are either but they must be a good thing because Liz always smiled when she called me that.

One day, Liz picked me up and put me in her lap and held my face in her hands. She explained to me that there were two people who had seen my picture and read about me on a computer and that they wanted to adopt me. She explained that to adopt me meant that I would be their forever baby and that they had promised to always be good to me. She also assured me that if they were ever unable to keep that promise, that they would give me back to BTRNC. I figured out then that forever meant something different than foster. It meant that I would never be moved again unless my new family moved with me. I also understood that although Liz loved me and would always remember me, that if I went to live with a new forever family, that she would have room to rescue another fur baby like me. That is how dogs like me keep getting rescued and get a second chance. Foster homes and foster families make us feel secure again and help us to trust again as well as fixing us if we have medical problems. Then when a special person or persons decide that they want to adopt us forever, we get to move on and another rescue baby comes to our foster home to get all better like me! Wow, that sure is a lot for a little guy like me to understand but Liz made it easy for me.

Here I am in the car with Liz on my way to meet my very own forever family. As you can see, I'm really wondering about my new family.

Here I am with my new family! Pretty cool ah? As you can also see, we all liked each other right away. I'm living a great life and I will always remember Liz and how she helped me be ready for my very own people!

If any other foster Mom's want to read my story to their foster babies, I bet it will help them understand everything like I do! Thanks a lot.



Monday, September 08, 2008


In rescue, we refer to physically going and getting a dog out of a shelter and into foster care as "pulling" the dog.
Please indulge the Boastful Boston for just a few lines as I let you know that I had my first "pull" with this wonderful little girl. She had been picked up by animal control in my home town and was in a cage at the pound. The shelter held her for their required time period to see if an owner called to claim her... no one did. BTRNC was made aware of her presence, our rescue coordinator made a call and much to our pleasure, the shelter was willing to work with us and let a volunteer pull her. I was leaving town the next morning for 5 days headed through North Carolina. She had to be checked out by a vet, vaccinated and evaluated for behavioral issues and I had to pick her up before the shelter closed for the day so I could give her a ride the next day to North Carolina. A tall order for an over worked shelter but we did it and I picked up BeeGee 10 minutes before the shelter closed. She was so dirty that she came in my front door and directly to the bathtub. I didn't know this dog, how would she react in a bath tub for goodness sakes? Perfectly as a matter of fact - like I had been bathing her all her life. Her toe nails were so long they were curled under and around. To avoid the risk of cutting the quick of the nail, I opted to wait until she got to the vet in NC the next day to get them cut.

Bee Gee you may ask - what kinda of name is that? Well, I thought on the way to the shelter that I would call her Lady - she was a girl after all and she needed a name. When I walked in and saw her with a volunteer in the lobby - I knew that name would not work. "You're a big girl," I thought. B. G. - big girl - Bee Gee!

She was wonderful and so loving. She slept all night on the blanket I put on the floor by my bed. She was very acclimated to houses, food and water bowls, back yards, doors in and out and sitting next to people. She rode in the car the next morning for 2 hours like a pro - paws crossed on the seat, happily looking out the window as the world went by. She's not a young girl, but she's got a lot of love left to give and she's laid back - no wild puppy running through your house. She and my cat ignored each other and she even dared steal just one kiss from me when I put her on the sofa.

Is there someone out there that wants to give this girl a second chance at love and life's comforts. If so, the Boastful Boston personally thanks you for a happy ending to my first pull.

Monday, September 01, 2008


You can find jewelry, art work and key rings on The Pet Rescue Site that bear the slogan "my dog rescued me". Sometimes it is difficult to be sure who rescued who when a perfect match is made between foster dog and forever family. Does it really matter? Rescue dogs are notorious for giving back 10 fold to the families that gave them a home.
Meet Wendy (formerly Midge - adopted March 2008)

Wendy was pulled from a shelter heart worm positive, with tape worms, a respiratory infection and emaciated at only 9 pounds. Here she is the day she was rescued from the shelter.

Amazing what love and good care can do isn't it?
Wendy's Mom let us know that she had adopted a dachshund, Kenny, from their local shelter some years back and for 9 years, she and Kenny were inseparable. The void that was left behind when it was time for Kenny to cross the bridge was painful and deep. Although the family had added 2 other dogs who are treasured members of the household, it seemed that the bond between Mom and Kenny had been a once in a lifetime experience.

Wendy's new family decided to adopt a rescue boston as a playmate for their other boston girl, Carrie. They were matched with Wendy, now healthy and strong. Wendy's new Mom recently wrote to share her story about Kenny and to say that although Kenny could never be replaced, she was lucky enough to once again have that special bond with another fur baby. Wendy is forever at her side or in her lap and both have been rescued, each in their own way.
As for Carrie... well Wendy decided that when she can't be with Mom, she prefers the company of the other canine member of the family:

Looks like everyone has been rescued in this wonderful family.