Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Think Pink

Gidget is a friend of BTRNC, special to us for many reasons. Twelve of her canine friends & family were placed by BTRNC in 2005 after a horrendous Puppy Mill Bust in Sanford, NC. Gidget, along with hundreds of other dogs seized from the property, remains in the legal custody of the Animal League Defense Fund while the court case is settled. You may visit for more information. Two generous and loving BTRNC volunteers stepped forward to care for the lovely Gidget on behalf of ALDF. Emerging from an environment of filth, familiar only with the cruelty that humans can bestow, today, Gidget is flourishing in an atmosphere of love, compassion, patience and understanding.

On this day, we find Gidget on a shopping excursion in downtown Chatham.

1st stop - Breakfast!
2nd stop - Candy shop...Just to look!
3rd stop- Grassy Area!

Gidget, the Bashful Boston has just one question for you. Wherever did you find that fabulous pink visor!!??


At 7:38 PM, Blogger BostonGirlie said...

"Sigh" says Gidget "A girl can't give away her secrets!"


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