Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will You Play With Me?

Juliet is very glad to be in her foster home but she has some difficulty getting the older dogs to play with her. The boys, as foster mom calls them, get cranky when continuously annoyed by this young lady who wants to play play play! Sometimes, the cranky boys have to put Juliet in her place with a snap or growl. Juliet tries to remember what annoys her brother so much, and tries not to do it again, but sometimes she gets so excited she forgets!

When no one will play with Juliet, she is forced to entertain herself with self created activities like carrying the laundry from the laundry basket to some other place in the house, one piece at a time. Sometimes she has to find other things to chew on beside the ears of her brothers like combs, pencils and just about anything she can hold between her front paws. Juliet would much rather play ball or fetch with a human or canine companion, but geeze, what's a girl to do when no one will play!

Juliet would love to find a forever home with a young or less cranky dog or two and maybe a child who won't tire of playing quite so fast.

Maybe you would like to play with Juliet? She is on our available dogs page - please check her out. She is waiting to play!

Monday, January 18, 2010


This is how Julie Tee's original foster mom describes Miss Julie Tee. JT as I will refer to (Julie Tee is long to write) is an extra special baby among all our special babies at BTRNC. She is about 2 years old and didn't have a very secure life before coming to rescue. She has a sensitive stomach and an allergy to plastics. She sometimes has problems with throwing up when she is moved to a new environment until she settles in to her new surroundings.

BTRNC tries hard to match dogs with prospective adopters and the foster moms are willing to spend hours on the phone with new families to try to work out issues. We require an agreement from any adopter that if at any time, a rescue dog needs to be re homed, they are to be turned back in to BTRNC and nowhere else. Sometimes a match doesn't work out as we and the prospective family had hoped and we open our doors and hearts to return these dogs to our group. This was the case with JT. She was adopted but it wasn't the right fit for this extra special little girl so she returned to her original foster mom. She has recently relocated to a new foster home where she is reported to have settled in quite well.

JT is high energy and whoever is lucky enough to get this girl will either want another high energy dog for her to play with, have a high energy family, or be a high energy person. She has been known to overwhelm other canine playmates with her endless energy. She barks at cats but shows no intent to harm. Perhaps she is trying to figure out how to engage them in play as well.

JT will do best on a high quality chicken based dog food and enjoys milk bones as treats. Medicine is very successfully folded in a small piece of cheese. She takes Tagamet for her stomach condition and eats from non plastic bowls. Yes, there are extra steps for this angel, but by all reports, she is well worth each one. We bet that when she is in the right home with the right match and knows she is there for good, her nerves and her stomach will settle down. Don't let her precious little face fool you, she is smart and loves to see how much she can get away with if you let her. Her fears are best controlled by ignoring them - resist the urge to cuddle and tell her everything is o.k. To do that confirms for her that she is right to be afraid.

JT needs to feel secure in her new home. If you are the type that loves to save those who need to be needed, then Julie Tee may just be the perfect match for you. Her "extra" needs will not be a chore for the right someone, but rather the "extra" special care for this extra special girl. She is a loving loyal boston girl who will make the right somebody a companion for life.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can It Be Roscoe's Turn Now?
Suki and Roscoe were my transport passengers in early December. I am thrilled to let you know that Suki has been adopted and is now in her forever home! I mentioned Roscoe at the very end of her blog. Now it is Roscoe's turn for the spotlight and hopefully his turn to find his very own forever home.
We like to think that under NO circumstances would we ever give up one of our dogs and we pray that we are right. The truth however is that any one's entire world can turn upside down in a flash. Job loss, medical conditions, a death in the family, fire, hurricane, flood, etc. All these and so many more life events can land any of us either temporarily or for longer periods of time, unable to care for our pets. Blessed are those of us who have a support system of family, friends, and fellow rescuers who will come to our rescue. Not everyone is that lucky.

Roscoe is a 6 year old wonderful boston boy who I had the pleasure of transporting on his way to his foster home. I stood silently by while his owner who had to move and could no longer give Roscoe the care he deserved said good bye. There was no question that Roscoe was loved and that his Mom knew she was doing the very best thing she could for him by turning him into rescue. She knew at BTRNC, he would be safe in a home until a forever family could be found.

Roscoe was such a good boy in my car. He looked up once as he realized that my car was leaving without his Mom but then settled down in his crate on a familiar blanket. He seemed to understand that this he was off to a new adventure and that this was one he had to make without his original family.

Roscoe is good boy, nice manners, housebroken and plays well with others. He knows that he is not where he is supposed to be forever, and he would like to find his home so he can settle in for the many years he has left to share.

Roscoe was on Santa Paws list. Here he is with his toy both before and after he destuffed it. Most bostons are destuffers. He is having a good time and that's all that matters.

Please check out Roscoe's bio on our available dogs page. Maybe it could be Roscoe's turn now!