Saturday, July 18, 2009


Spanky was in foster care for a year. A long time for an adorable little fellow who happened to be deaf. He was fortunate to be with a foster family who adored him and met his every need and whim. Still, they knew that Spanky deserved a home of his own, a forever home, not a foster home. Sure, they could have adopted him and made their home his, but they believed that Spanky's forever home was out there waiting. It was their job to love him until that home was found, then let him go leaving room for another dog in need.
Almost a year later, a family put in an application for Spanky, not caring that he was deaf. They wanted, however to adopt two at once. BTRNC was happy to assist them find just the right companion for Spanky. It was crucial that they got along before being moved to avoid the possibility of being moved again.
It seemed that young Tinker Bell (Tinker for short) might just be a match for Spanky. We allowed them to spend a week together before the adoption to see if Spanky wanted Tinker as a sister. It appears he did.....


Their forever Mom writes that they are doing great. Spanky is learning sign commands while Tinker is quickly learning the verbal variety. They play tug of war and Mom is working on boundaries and Spanky is showing Tinker the proper way to walk on a leash. That is, not trying to pull Mom down the sidewalk.

What a wonderful ending to a long story for Spanky and a short pass through rescue for Miss Tinker.

BTRNC is very thankful to Spanky's foster Mom for being patient and knowing that Spanky's story would have a forever ending and to the family who found them both!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This story had to be told! Jada was one of our senior girls in foster care who has very recently found her forever family. Her name is now Ellie which we are sure she likes. This story however is not aout her forever home, but about how she said thank you to the woman who rescued her and was her foster Mom.
Ellie's foster Mom took a bad fall leaving the doctor's office last month. She injured both her feet and was unable to walk. She was feeling pretty awful from the pain and from the fact that people actually walked by her while she lay on the sidewalk! Someone from the doctor's office came out and got her inside, called her husband to come get her to bring her home.
Upon arriving, Mom collapsed in the nearest chair while her husband went to let Ellie out of her crate. Ellie assumed Mom wasn't there since Dad let her out. When she came downstairs to find Mom, she went immediately to her, laid her head on her chest and refused to move. She licked the tears off Mom's face and never left her side.
The next day, Mom arrived home in a walking boot and again Ellie took up her post chin on chin. Mom decided she needed to try to walk Ellie outside. Walk they did, side by side, step by very slow step. Ellie never pulled or left her side, only looked up at her with love and care in her eyes. And they say dogs don't have feelings or brains! The Boastful Blogger says how can anyone read this story and believe that!
As Mom grew stronger, Ellie followed her everywhere she went. Ellie was rescued and now it was her turn to return the favor.
For this I say, the family that found and adopted Ellie were the lucky ones. We wish you years of love!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Some rescues do not allow or strongly discourage foster families to adopt their foster rescues. BTRNC knows that each time a foster family adopts a rescue that we may lose space for another foster but we also are also happy to know that a dog and a family that fit just right found their way to each other.

Such was the case with a veteran foster mother who swore that she would not own another one but would instead keep her home open for fosters in need of a place to be warm and safe until their forver home is found.

One cold January day she was transporting Weylan who got in her car, looked her in the eye and sealed his future.

She and Weylan arrived home and after 5 hours she knew he could not leave. The oldest foster took him under her wing and took care of him; the aggressive one played with him like they grew up together; the quiet one fell instantly in love and the loner plays with him and the one who doesn't like other dogs also took to mothering him. He acted like he had been there forever. The last time she failed fostering was when she adopted one out twice and he was returned twice. That was Mr. Gus who made it clear he was not going to be happy anywhere else!

Oprah talks about the Ah Ha moment with her pets, and this was truly that kinda of moment when Weylan decided he was right where he needed to be.

Yes, we sometimes run short on foster space, but we also know a good thing when it happens. Weylan is no dummy - he seized the day and made a home! Good for you Weylan!