Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Messenger

Hermes is named for a Greek God. A God known for his cunning, swiftness and athleticism. Our Hermes has not veered far from the path of his namesake. Nothing pleases Hermes more than a romp in the park and a puddle of rain water in which he can play. Smart as a whip, Hermes not only understands basic commands, he actually obeys.

The Greek God Hermes is the messenger from the gods to humans. An interpreter of sorts. We must ask ourselves, does our Hermes have a message for us? Perhaps a message of vitaliy, of perseverance, of second chances? Perhaps a plea for a warm place to sleep, a tummy full of good food and a loving pat on the head.

Your message is an important one, Hermes. You remind us of our responsibility to rescue, to rehabilitate and to re-home the millions who suffer each day. Even one makes a difference.

You can visit Hermes on the Available Dogs page of the BTRNC website. Make the difference. Adopt.


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