Friday, April 30, 2010


This entry is happily shared with the author's permission. Hope and Charity's foster Mom, Jenny. The Boastful Boston is thrilled to take a break and share this wonderful story. Hope and Charity on our Available Dogs Page.

Sometimes life has no regard for your rules and expectations. With 12 cats and 2 large dogs we felt our little family was more than complete. In fact, we had decided no more additions, temporary or othewise. With both of us working full-time and my husband completeing his PhD we were stretched thin. On a cold day in February I discovered life had other plans, in the form of a black and white bundle with big brown eyes. With not enough red cells to sustain her little life Hope gazed into my eyes, licked my nose with her pale tongue, and I was hooked. When I had the knowledge and the resources to fix her how could I say no? Life is full of the form of a second black and white bundle with big brown eyes. My husband, Lee, was reluctant. Even adamantly against it. Who could blame him? But I pushed. We have helped so many animals find forever homes over the course of our relationship, why not these girls? So Hope and Charity moved into the Bennett house.We have never had little dogs, nor have we ever had Boston Terriers, we really knew nothing about them. One of the first nights that Hope was with us Lee looked up Boston Terrier on Wikipedia. The Boston Terrier is one of the original American breeds. They are a compact mix of English Bulldog, Bull and Terrier breeds, and likely some French Bulldog. Wikipedia describes their temperament as "friendly and at times stubborn". We have certainly found this to be true and over the past few months we have delighted in getting to know their personalities.They mirror each others movements and like to "tap dance" all over the house. They love food and I have not found anything that disagrees with their palates. They engulf their meals like Labradors! Hope is the more laid back of the sisters and will quietly sleep under the blankets at your feet. Charity wants to be in your lap and loves to give kisses. When they greet you they fold their little bodies in half and sidle up to you sideways wagging their whole being. They are gentle and loving and they make us laugh everyday. We have watched them open up and we have watched them learn to love life.While it has been a challenge, for them to learn about living in this full house and for us to have a fuller house, life brought us these little beings to nurture and care for and we are all doing our best. Though we know one day we will say goodbye to them and send them on to a home that has more love to give, for now they are our little Boston Girls and we love them!

Our Story
My name is Hope. I am a 2 year old Boston Terrier and in February life changed for me and my sister, Charity. We were both owned by a breeder and our lives revolved around having puppies. Charity had been battling a strange blood disease for several months ever since having a litter of puppies. Her doctor did many tests but could never figure out what was causing her to be anemic. In February I also started to feel bad. My owner brought me into the doctor and the news was bad. I would not survive without a blood transfusion. My owner couldn't afford the treatment I needed. Though she had just met me my doctor fell in love with me and could not let me die. She told my owner that she would take me and pay for my care and then find me a loving home. My owner consented but she knew that I had a strong bond with my sister Charity. Would she find us a home together? How could she say no? We moved in and we have been adjusting to life as couch potatoes ever since. Charity's blood levels are now completely normal and mine are stable and my doctor/foster mom thinks I will make a full recovery.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Young Mr. Stewie was quite put out to read the recent blog about Roamer. So the Boastful Boston thinks that Roamer is "squeeze that little face cute ah?" Well, I've got news for her and Roamer - there is another kid in town who begs to differ!

The Boastful Boston is pleased therefore to offer Stewie his chance in the spotlight. So readers, which one do you think is the cutest? A tie is perfectly acceptable as I think they are both extremely handsome young men.
Stewie's foster Mom reports that he plays hard, sleeps hard, and loves to spend time out of his crate. Understandable since Stewie spent long hours daily in a crate before joining us at BTRNC. Stewie's favorite snack is apple, orange, and banana slices. One point for healthy eating Mr.Stewie!

Stewie is very happy to dine in the proximity of his canine foster family, knowing that there is enough to go around. He loves his walks but is still learning not to pull in his excitement to get to where he hasn't gotten to yet! Minus 1/2 point for pulling your foster Mom on the leash Mr. Stewie!

Stewie is high energy and he will certainly provide motivation for his people to exercise as well. It is too hard to look into those eyes and not get up, find your shoes, and head out the door. The benefit is for both of you!

This handsome young man is interviewing for a forever home. He seeks a family who will walk, play, rock, snuggle, and maybe allow him to share the covers with them at night. If you think you meet Stewie's wish list, please fill out an application and let us know!

Stewie thanks you and thanks the Boastful Boston for giving him equal time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If dogs cared at all what they looked like or for that matter what their people look like, Roamer would be asking the title question. Now mind you, ALL Bostons are beautiful and unique, and this little boy is just squeeze em up, kiss em, smush that precious face cute!
Roamer was purchased with the best of intentions by a truck driver who wanted a buddy to sit with him in the truck and keep him company. He soon realized, however, that Roamer had way too much energy to sit anywhere for long, let alone in a big truck. Although there are no doubt stories to be found in which Bostons and truck drivers travel the Nation's highways together in bliss, most young Bostons have a way too high energy drive to sit still for any period of time. They need exercise, socialization and lots of play time.

His truck driver Dad knew that Roamer wasn't happy, and as so often happens, Mom stepped up to care for Roamer at her home. Mom did not intend to have a grand dog but she wanted to help Roamer and her two legged son.

Mom works long hours and soon it became apparent that Roamer was no happier being left home alone for long periods of time than he was in the truck. So, they did the right thing for Roamer - an unselfish act to give him a chance at a new forever home with no trucks and lots of time and attention. Sometimes the hardest decisions to make are the ones that are best for those who matters most.

Roamer is settled in nicely in his foster home, soaking up all the attention he can get and Roamer loves attention! He's a very happy excited little guy who would like to go home forever with someone just as excited to share their life with him!

Check Roamer out on our available dogs page.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Before Calista Flockhart was on Brothers and Sisters, she was the lead star on a show called Alley McBeal - about 8 years ago I believe. One of her co-stars was Laura Flynn Boyle and she is very tiny and so is Calista Flockhart. They didn't get along on the show and a classic line was the two of them right outside an elevator. Calista as Alley McBeal snidely suggested to Laura Flynn Boyle whose show name I can't remember and am quite proud that I remember her real name suggested they could split one!

When Oreo came into rescue he needed to eat quite a few cookie - how convenient that his name was that of a cookie!

If you have seen him on our web site with all his ribs showing and passed right by, you may want to take another look! Just look at him now.

Yup, that's Oreo on the right playing with Josey!

He is with our volunteer extraordinaire who has been mentioned in many previous blogs - most famously she fostered or Adam.

In Elaine's care, Oreo has covered all his ribs with flesh and is now a healthy shiny handsome boston boy! It doesn't take a miracle, just consistent care and a regular feeding schedule plus a little magic courtesy of Elaine.

Oreo did not really eat any cookies for which he was named - that would not be good for any tummy and certainly not for one which had been so empty for so long. A good dog food with some extra vitamins added in was the ticket for this precious boy! He is playing now and having a big time. Oreo has lots of playmates because our claim to fame - Elaine always has a house full of fosters from puppy to senior plus her own forever babies. Oreo is having a blast.

It is a tragedy to starve any animal. They ask for so little from us humans. Surely, we can make sure they have a full food bowl once or twice a day! The return on our investment cannot begin to be measured.

Please give Oreo a second look - he's come a long way and he is ready to find his forever home.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


It seems that I am continuously compelled to reveal the age of the Boastful Boston. I like references to songs from the 70s, commercial jingles from the 80s and now television shows from Nick at Night. Today I am inspired by our foster boy Captain who instead of being Caption of the Love Boat - is the captain of love bugs! His favorite place is curled up next to you on the sofa.

Yes, he is a little older than some of our foster dogs but he still has a lot of fire under that fur and wants nothing more than to be loved for the rest of his days. And that could be a whole lot of days. Consider that most of our volunteers have or have had at least 1 boston well into their teen age years. I personally have been blessed with a 19 and a 15 year old through the years. Our rescue President has a whole family of seniors who keep her life busy and and full of love. It is not at all unusual for bostons to live 15 or more years. Eight is a long way from 15 in dog years. Don't let Captain's age scare you away.

And if I was watching The Love Boat when it was "shiny and new", imagine how happy I would be to just sit on the sofa with a love bug curled next to me. I'm not nearly as eager to jump up and down and chase a youngster any more. I know I'm not the only one.

Captain has learned to accept his crate and to do his business outside while he has been in his foster home. He is not found of dominant or intact males but get along very well with the female bostons in his home.

Captain Love Bug wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter, or Happy Sunday as you prefer. He is hoping that the Easter Bunny has one last treat to deliver - a forever home. Captain will return your love for him 10 folk and promises to always keep you warm!