Monday, June 19, 2006

Greetings from Pennsylvania

In early 2006 BTRNC had a string of dogs named Sam arrive in foster care. Even more unusual, each of these "Sams" was what we might endearingly describe as "special needs". To avoid confusing both our volunteers and our applicants, BTRNC referred to the dogs as Sam, Sammy and Samuel. Today, the spotlight is on Sam.

After being whisked from a high kill shelter in the nick of time, Sam spent nearly 6 months in foster care with the worst case of seperation anxiety BTRNC had ever seen. In a matter of days, Sam proved that he was a Houdini in the making. Plastic, wire, wood... no problem for Sam, he escaped everything his foster mom cleverly designed to keep him safe while she was away. It was not until the "fortress", an inescapable steel crate, arrived that Sam's plans of going down in canine hero history dwindled. With this problem solved, Sam's foster mom was able to focus on Sam. And what an interesting dog he proved to be. Caught somewhere between a Boxer and a Boston Terrier, Sam was tall and slender- a beautiful but unusual look for your average Boston Terrier. Maybe it was this identity crisis that caught the eye of a couple in Pennsylvania. A couple experienced in Boxer Rescue but looking to "downsize" to a smaller, more compact breed. Sweet, timid Sam fit that bill. Off Sam went to the Keystone state.

From the Adoptive Parents Pam and John: A kiss from Sam is all we need to be reminded of how grateful we are to you for this wonderful little guy who brightens our lives. Sam is a very funny little man and everyone loves him... He continues to amuse us with his antics - he is so smart. Do you know that he can stand on his head? He puts himself in a corner of the sofa and wriggles himself around so that he is actually on his head with his little butt and hind legs up in the air. His anxiety is getting so much better - he doesn't destroy anything when he is in his crate and Vince thinks that is because he gets so much exercise during the day - he runs and runs and runs with Gina outside and when they're in the house they race up and down the steps together and play constantly.

Sam, we will never know what special union created you, but we are delighted to see that you have finally found your place in this world.


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous MOLLY'S MOM said...

Sam, you are a very handsome fellow and I am so happy you have found your forever home with such adorable siblings. Pam and John, bless you for your BIG hearts. I sure would like to see a picture of Sam standing on his head!


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