Friday, June 09, 2006

The Prince of Belly Rubs

Look at Rascal's face-into his eyes if you will. Do you see it? He's in a state of bliss. Complete trust and adoration of his human, achieved with a gentle stroke of his belly. Rascal knows he's a lucky boy to have a foster mom like Brooke- hopelessly devoted to his happiness. She reports, "He will lie on his back for hours if someone will rub his tummy. If I sit down on the couch, he is immediately lying on his back next to me pawing at my hand. If that doesn't work he'll crawl up in my lap and flop over. Once I start rubbing, he'll lie there with this glazed look in his eyes --- heaven."

The loveable Rascal is still available for adoption . Applications are available on the BTRNC website. Rascal has only one request for his new family. You guessed it, daily belly rubs.

Brooke, your hand must be growing tired by now. Eager volunteers are standing by to relieve you.

Rascal, you certainly know how to enjoy life to the fullest. The Bashful Boston is an admirer.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger BrassyBoston said...

Rascal is so cool!! What a great dog!! My boston will walk up to anyone sitting and position her tummy at their foot for a good scratching!


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