Monday, December 25, 2006


The Bakers accepted Maximilian into their clan this past summer. He has since made quite the impression on each member of his family. What better way to celebrate this joyous holiday that with a happy ending update from his new family.

We adopted Max at the end of August. He joins his BT brother Butterbean, Mom, Dad, and human brother, Ethan. He was a little pushy at first with both brothers, but has since calmed down nicely with Ethan. He rules Butterbean, poor guy. Max is so much smaller than Butterbean but can push him around-no problem! They have a blast running the BT 500 in our backyard... This little dog of ours has 3 passions, in this particular order: 1. Food 2. Squirrels 3. A warm body to curl up next to. I guess the most surprising thing that has come out of our adopting Max is the close connection between him and Ethan. They are kindred spirits those two. Where you see one, you see the other. They get into loads of trouble together! When I pick Ethan up from daycare he calls for "Mack". Every day I have to explain that Max is at home. Once inside, Ethan runs for Max's kennel and gets kisses through the door. We got Max as a companion for Butterbean, but it ended up that Ethan has dog that he adores and that he can grow up with. It doesn't get any better than this.

He's such a little scamp... He is such a clown! This will be his first Christmas with us. St. Nicholas will be bringing him many treats for Christmas this year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Mindy

Mindy is a 10 year old lady adopted by her foster mom last year when her mom realized what a gem she had uncovered in this forlorn dog. Mindy is patient and demure, as all ladies of a certain age should be. When she is not posing for pictures, she has a nice life filled w/ naps on comfy cushions, sunbaths, bones to chew, play dates, walks and lots of pats.

She is posing in a handsewn holiday skirt and her traditional Santa hat. You look beautiful, Mindy!

This is an opportune moment to remind our guests that senior dogs are overlooked time and time again in favor of younger pups with more energy and less gray. But, as those who have adopted senior dogs will proudly announce, senior dogs can make perfect pets too! Mindy is just one shining example of an older dog finding her perfect forever home.

Consider adopting a senior dog. They may have only a few years to a few months left to bring you joy, but they are as deserving of a warm and loving home to lay their heads each night. Take a look at Buddy, Lily, Ebby & Scout and Pauley on our Available Dogs Page.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dudley's Antlers

BTRNC has received a flurry of confounding reports these last few weeks. Reports of Boston Terriers growing antlers- green, red, brown- you name it, antlers. These reports were unsubstantiated...until this photo arrived. Here is Dudley, a 1 and a half year old pup adopted last December. These red antlers are a new and unexpected development in Dudley's growth. We don't know where they came from but we can imagine what purpose they will serve. We fear Dudley is not alone. There appears to be a new breed of Boston emerging.

Families, do not be alarmed should antlers appear atop your Boston's head this season. Offer your Boston support during this identity crisis. This is a confusing time for all.

Please keep a close eye on your antler adorned pets. Document any instances in which you find your Boston attempting to fly and be sure your Boston is accounted for on Christmas Eve. Should you find your pet missing, keep an eye on the sky and listen for the jingle of bells or a familiar clatter of the rooftop.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

What better way to celebrate a December birthday than with the red man himself. Our famed Samuel turns 5 years old today. He is one of the rare dogs that arrived in foster care with a known birthdate. We were sure to pass this on to his adoptive parents so they could celebrate accordingly.

Now, we must admit that when Samuel's former foster mama saw this picture she remembered a time- just months ago- that Samuel would have posed a threat to Santa. A time that she would have cringed at the thought of Samuel being lifted into a welcoming lap only to nip the jolly man himself. Thanks to Samuel's adoptive parents and some seriously structured training, Samuel is a well-rounded, happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

Ho, ho, ho, Happy Birthday, Samuel.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Holidays from the Holsingers

The holiday cards are trickling in and we vow to do our best to feature each and every one of them before Dec. 25. Our first card is from the Holsingers. This name may sound familiar if you are an avid reader of our BLOG.

Jan Holsinger adopted the famed one-eyed Pete from BTRNC. She then rescued a pregnant Boston Terrier mix from death row at a shelter hours from her home. And this year, she adopted Henri. Henri was just a pup who had been dealt an unfortunate hand. He suffers from a birth defect that has left him incontinent.

We don't have to tell you this is a home built on compassion and selflessness. The Holsingers wish all a happy holiday season.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Early Christmast Present

We expect December to be a slow month for adoptions. The last month of the year is typically a delightfully chaotic time of shopping, cooking and preparing for guests. It is not the most opportune of times to add a furry family member to the ranks. At least that's what we thought. A flurry of new applicants and new matches has turned December into a suprisingly productive month. We estimate that 7 new dogs will be in their forever homes this holiday season. That is something to celebrate!

We received a note from one of the families that adopted earlier in the month.

Chase [formerly Spike] joined our family last week & we could not be happier! He is the sweetest and most loving dog we know. Chase & Bailey, our other BT, have become fast friends! They have played ball all day, everyday from the moment we brought him home. Every time I come home from the store, they are both checking out the bags to see if there are any new toys to play with. Chase also loves to snuggle! He has already found his sleeping spot with Bailey under the covers!
Thank you BTRNC for everything you do. Chase is our best Christmas gift ever!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Elves

As you can see, Diego and Tootsie have proudly accepted positions as Santa's little helpers. Tootsie was adopted into the Wilson family in 2006. In all their splendor these marvelous elves wish you a "Merry Christmas"

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Christmas Wish

Buster Baker, adopted summer 2006, and his sister Cleo had a run in with a jolly old fellow dressed in a suit of red. They were offered a warm lap to share their innermost desires.

Santa expected to hear of mountains of bones, endless sqeakers and visions of fresh meat dancing in heads. Santa was mistaken.

Buster spoke soberly of the less fortunate. Those who hunted for scraps of food and fell asleep hungry, those banished into the cold to endure the elements, those chained to trees and porches aching for freedom and those who had never experienced love in its purest form.

Buster made a Chrismas wish. A wish for all of dogkind. A wish that would end all suffering.

Santa knew this wish was futile without the aid of mankind. Mankind must pledge to defend the powerless and to help those who cannot help themselves. Is there a greater gift?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ready for a Cold Winter

A few of our crafty volunteers decided to go into business making winter coats for our shivering furry friends. A task that nearly overwhelmed them because so many Bostons wanted a coat of their own! Fortunately, moms and grandmoms of volunteers stepped up to sew, sew, SEW until everyone had a coat of their own! And, that's just what happened. Bostons all over the state of North Carolina are warm and snug swathed in fleece this wintry season.

Our first model is Kimber wearing a cow pattern fleece coat with a classic brown buckle. Kimber was adopted in 2006 by the Roy family. Kimber sends a big hug to Jen for her work making this special coat.

Next is Bugsi showing off his reindeer pattern fleece jacket. Bugsi is currently in foster care waiting for an adoptive family to bring him home! He sends Jen a wet kiss for restoring the Christmas spirit deep in his heart.

Next are models Molly and William. Molly is wearing a darling little yellow coat made also made by Jen. Molly was adopted by the Burgess family in 2004. Pictured next to Molly is William sporting a red fleece coat with bone embroidery made by Natalia. William is currently in foster care receiving necessary medical attention.

To the volunteers who painstakingly sewed each and every coat with a special dog in mind, a sincere thank you. Dozens of dogs can now frolic in the chilly weather, cozy to the core.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Oliver's First Christmas at Home

Here is 4-year-old Oliver O'Neal adopted in August 2006 by the Hicks clan of Charlotte. Oliver was adopted by his foster family when they realized they just couldn't let this special guy go. Prior to the life of luxury that Oliver now enjoys, he was bounced from home to home (including 1 failed adoption). Along the way, Oliver gained a reputation as a bit of a bad boy. Let's ask Ollie's family if there is any truth to this ugly rumor. Better yet, let's take a look at these pictures and judge for ourselves.

Looks like a sweet little cream puff, doesn't he?

This is a very special holiday season for Ollie because it is his first with his new family. Both Ollie and his family have much to be grateful for.

Pictured here is the entire Hicks family. Pictured at the top is Daddy Hicks and Oliver.
On Mommy's lap on the left is brother Mulligan and on the right is brother Fenway
Miss Harley is front and center dressed to the nines in pink.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Scenes

For the next few weeks we will be featuring holiday themed photos of BTRNC adoptees and fosters. Visit the BTRNC website for details on how to submit your photos.

We kick off this series with a photo of the delightful Karson. Karson is in foster care and is having the time of his life playing tug with his foster brother, wrestling with his foster sister and snoozing amidst warm blankets on the couch. Karson enjoys his playtime but he is- above all- a lover. He adores his people and is happiest snuggled against a warm body. Karson's foster mom insists he is an old soul residing in the body of a young pup. This picture may add credence to her claim.