Monday, January 29, 2007

Buddy is Waiting...

Starting over in your senior years is not something you can prepare for, not is it an easy task. But our Buddy had no choice. At the age of 13, Buddy’s family contacted BTRNC and stated they could no longer afford to care for him. If a foster home was not available, his family would take him to the shelter.

In fact, a foster home was not available but when our volunteers heard Buddy’s sad story they had to take action! One volunteer stepped forward to offer the aging dog a home.

Buddy has been in foster care since. He has made a beautiful adjustment. Buddy’s foster mom happily reports, “He has discovered sleeping in the "Big Bed" is the greatest thing since dog biscuits! He was never a cuddler...but now I can't keep him out from under the blankies or off my lap :) He thinks he is a "teacup Boston" He adores being with me everywhere I go even the restroom!! He just pushes the door with his snoot and barges right in and will sit there until I leave the room with him! Due to his limited hearing, he watches me and my every movement to read my body language, he turns head with his ears perked up like they do when hearing high pitch sounds... it is the cutest thing! He has developed such a sense of security, you can really see how safe and at ease he feels now compared to how skiddish and timid he used to be. I love to see how he has progressed with his trusting issues...Buddy is the sweetest,loving little(big) boy ever!”

Although an adoptive home may never be found, Buddy still hopes, against all odds, that someone will see his face and understand his plight. He dreams of finding a mom or dad that will love him each and every one of his remaining days.

If you think you can provide Buddy a forever home, please visit our Available Dogs Page. If adoption isn’t for you, perhaps you can still show your support by making a donation to honor senior dogs and the many gifts they have to offer. Visit the Available Dogs Page and click on the “Make a Donation” button. Buddy sends his thanks.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nellie's Road to Recovery

The volunteer who pulled Nellie from a SC shelter was delighted to see a dog in such high spirits. She was appalled to see that Nellie was a filthy, stinky, bloody mess. Nellie was nearly bald as a result of demodectic mange and had months worth of sticky grime matted in her skin. Recent wounds on her head and chin were beginning to scab but still ooozing blood. She was so excited that someone was there to see HER that she slipped into a coughing fit. The shelter staff explained that although she was still in terrible shape it was much improved from the hairless pink dog they had picked up as a stray weeks ago.

Nellie was promptly taken to the vet. Although the demodectic mange was clearing thanks to the treatment she received at the shelter, she has a raging staph infection that is hindering the growth of her fur and causing her skin to flake. The apparent bite wounds on Nellie's head were cleaned and are healing nicely. The hacking cough was diagnosed as kennel cough. Nellie also has a nasty case of tapeworm and a few fleas milling about.

Nellie's poor health is apparently news to her as she continues to jump for joy at the sight of every person who approaches. Nellie dances, Nellie wiggles and Nellie licks every face within reach. Clearly, Nellie is not a dog who wallows in self-pity wondering why she is besieged with so many problems.

Nellie will remain in foster care for several weeks until she is ready to be adopted. In the meantime, please visit Our Available Dogs page and consider sponsoring Nellie. Your donation will allow BTRNC to continue to provide veterinary care for neglected and abused dogs just like Nellie.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Next Generation of Volunteers

The future of BTRNC looks bright. When we have the children of our volunteers pitching in to aid in our mission, we know that when the torch is someday passed from one generation to the next, it will burn steady and bright.

Seventeen year old Brittany is the daughter of one of volunteers in Greenville, NC. In December 2005, Brittany and her mother traveled to Raleigh to pick up a puppy that was being surrendered by it's owners. The puppy had a protruding rectum and had no control over her bowel movements. The puppy's name is Kimber and she has never been mentioned on our website. Brittany fell in love with her while fostering and, with the help of her family, adopted her as her own.

Brittany tells of her experiences fostering and adopting Kimber. "At first when she got here it was really hard. She would walk around the house always squatting like she had to go to the bathroom. This was very hard for me to get used to and accomodate her for. I had to walk around behind her and pick up and clean up every little mess that she made. But after all this I still allowed her to sleep in my bed with me because I could not stand to make her sleep in her kennel. The first couple of nights I tried putting "prissy pants" on her but all that did was irrate her. I just got used to waking up in the morning and having to check my bed before I moved and then go and take a shower to come clean. Every morning I had to wash my bed for the next night. She then had her major surgery to correct the problem. This surgery that she had did indeed fix the problem but not instantly. It was a couple of weeks after her surgery that we saw any improvement.

Now she does still squat around the house but only if she is not taken out when she asks.
Kimber is a very sweet girl who has very good manners. I take a lot of effort in teaching her new tricks and how to listen. I am very glad that I took the challenge of becoming her mom and knowing that she could get better."

Well said, young Brittany. You have already learned the ropes of rescue.

Your compassion and ability to love all creatures will fare you well in life admires
The Bashful Boston

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lou, Start to Finish

Bleu, better known as Lou, is an 11-month-old boisterous Boston boy. He was surrendered to BTRNC by his owners and was placed with a first time foster family. We post this blog with two intentions. We want to share Lou with you- his likes, his dislikes, his quirks- all that makes him unique. We also want to share with you the experiences of Lou's foster mom. Because this is her maiden voyage into fostering, we feel it is important to reveal this behind the scenes peek. For those of you who have considering fostering yourself, read this BLOG and carefully examine the ups and the downs as you see them. But most importantly, consider the integral role you could play in finding a forlorn dog his forever home.

We will allow Lou's foster mom to tell her story.

"The scared puppy that came to us has left, and instead we have an inquisitve, tender hearted youngster. Lou has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen on a Boston. He is very smart, he learned "sit" and "shake" and is still working on the "wait" command. Which is really important for him to learn, since he darts out of doors...

He loves to go for rides in the car and hikes in the Arboretum. He adores play time in the yard with his sisters and his brothers. Lou is also no longer afraid of the neighbor's dog, the laminate floor, the couch or being approached to be petted. He is very sensitive and a total snuggle bunny, but has all the puppy attributes. He loves to steal socks and shoes and sometimes gets a bit mouthy when he plays. I would not change a thing about him. At first I thought he could not bark, because he jabbers like a monkey when he is upset, but since then he has found his bark and it is quite manly. I really, really love this little guy.

He fit into the family from the beginning and once he understood that from now on he has a daily routine, he settled in even better.

He is my first foster and I could not have asked for a better dog. I will for sure be crying when he leaves, but I know that this stay with us has helped him to find his loving forever home."

On that note, we share the promising news that Lou will meet his adoptive parents this weekend.
Lou, from your new parents, we hope to hear that you are running the BT500 every chance you get, that you are snooping through their shopping bags looking for your Nylabones and that you welcome them home with adoring eyes and a sloppy tongue. Sounds like potential for a happy ending says
The Bashful Boston

Monday, January 22, 2007

Look to the Past

Today we visit the truth behind the old adage that the best way to foretell the future is to look to the past.

Our future is Demi. Our past is Popeye. The story unfolds.

Here is Popeye approximately 2 years ago. This picture was taken at the shelter. His skin was raw from relentless itching. Demodectic mange had ravaged his system and left him nearly bald and mostly pink. A sight for sore eyes.

Relief came not long after this picture was taken. BTRNC volunteer Pamela swept in and took control of Popeye's recovery. Pamela managed Popeye's vet care and provided him a soft place to lay his head each night. Six months and $800 later, a beautiful brindle coat emerged.

Popeye was adopted by his foster mom and made a full recovery. We share a picture of Popeye today.

Today, in foster care lives a sprite 9lb girl who bears an uncanny yet sad resemblance to a squirrel. Her classic black and white markings have been overwhelmed by a terrible case of demodectic mange. There is hope for Demi. With dips and powerful drugs, the mites will die off one by one and Demi's urge to itch will cease. Fur will grow slowly and Demi will marvel at her lavish new coat.

We know there are many dogs out there, many in worse shape. Without hesitation, we will continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome them.

Should your light ever threaten to burn out, stop by and take another look at this photo of Demi at her worst. Just a few weeks ago, she was alone in this world. Bald, shivering and without a friend. Today, she embarks on the road to recovery with her foster family behind her every step of the way. Should your faith in our mission falter, think of Demi and imagine the adorable black and white face that will, in due time, emerge confident and smiling.

So, take a few well-deserved deep breaths, savor a cup of hot tea, engage your dog in a game of tug, pull up your socks and get back to work!
That's what Demi would do!
And so would your resolute
Bashful Boston


Everyone needs a vacation once in a while. Even your devoted Bashful Boston needs a break from her bloggin' ways.

After some rest and relaxation, the Bashful Boston is once again at your service ready to entertain. Ready to prod you out of your winter hibernation. Ready to stir the emotion in your heart for the betterment of Bostonkind. There is important work to be done!

Get ready, exclaims
The Bashful Boston