Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Isabelle was in BTRNC foster care for a long time! I thought she had the absolute cutest ears I had ever seen and as you can imagine, I've seen quite a few boston ears! It surprised me that her foster Mom got to keep her for as long as she did.

Isabelle wasn't concerned, she knew that she was where she needed to be until her Mom found her. Mom's other boston, Tish, had crossed the bridge and she needed some time to heal and time to find Isabelle who was waiting for her all along.

Who me?

Isabelle is home now and buddy she knows it! She has taken over Mom's bed but she still lets her sleep in it with her! She earns her keep by constantly patrolling the trees for suspicious birds and squirrels who may have evil design on her house. She also keeps Mom on her morning walk routine by not letting her hit the snooze. Instead, Isabelle gently pokes Mom with her paw until she gets up so they can walk. Personal trainer and security guard rolled into one.

Isabelle has had some issues with other dogs, issues as in she thinks that she should be the only dog in this universe. Mom is continuing the work started at BTRNC and the efforts are paying off. Isabelle recently spent the weekend with her new grandparents male pit bull and everything went just fine. Who knows, maybe Isabelle figured she could hang out in foster care long enough for Mom to find her if she convinced everyone she didn't get along with dogs. Smart girl Isabelle!

Another happy ending to a long story! Congratulations to Isabelle and her new Mom!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I posted a blog on Miss Trixie in February. You can find it in the February archives. Her foster Mom sent me a few new pictures yesterday....

Ah? This is the same dog - seriously? are you sure? Amazing!

Trixie is still very sick. Only difference is, now you would never know it from the photos and she doesn't know it either! She has a damaged heart and lungs from the heart worms, but she is on LOTS of meds to help her. One side of her lungs was filled with fluid, and her heart is so enlarged that it is pushing her windpipe to the side and around her heart. It was a very strange site to see on the x-ray! The new meds have helped a lot. She has a lot more energy, but no stamina. She can play for just a few minutes, then she goes to her bed to rest. Her foster Mom says, "I have never seen a dog in such poor health with such a strong will to live."

I don't often update from previous blogs but maybe I should do it more often. I know Trixie would appreciate you stopping by her bio to say you are proud of her.

We don't know how long Trixie will be on this side of the bridge with us but her foster Mom, BTRNC and Trixie is thankful for each day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have to concede that not every person who reads this title will immediately sing the tune to the mega hit by Bill Withers.. lean on me when you're not strong and I'll help you carry on. Google it youngsters! In my world however, everyone will recognize the title.

This is the story of Angus and Rudy. While not directly BTRNC dogs, Angus is the puppy of Romeo and Juliet who were BTRNC dogs so it is all still in the family.

Their Mom, a volunteer, wrote to tell the group of the emerging bond between these two and I found it more than blog worthy. Angus is a puppy, Rudy is 13! There is a glimmer of hope for all of us who have youngsters but miss the seniors! Rudy is blind and Angus has taken the role of seeing eye dog for his new fur sibling.

Mom reports that Angus engaged Rudy in a game of tug of war but Rudy kept loosing the toy. Undeterred, Angus would take the toy to Rudy's nose and touch it so he could find the toy and resume the game. Pretty neat ah?

As if that wasn't enough, Rudy got to visit the big bed briefly before being placed securely in his bean bag bed. Rudy stood up and before the humans reacted, young Angus stood up, went over and put his body between Rudy and the bed edge and leaned on him until he moved over and laid back down!
Just another of the millions of hear warming wonder full things dogs do every day. We are a little biased toward bostons as you can imagine so that just makes this story extra special!

Mom had already wanted to train Rudy as a service dog. We think she has a pretty good candidate there!

Here is young Angus allowing Rudy to lean on him. And there is your awwww moment of the day!