Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dogs come into rescue and foster care into a loving temporary home. Some have already had homes and families. For some, foster care is the first real home they ever had. Some people worry that it is unkind to move dogs from a foster home to a forever home since it is one more adjustment. To all of you who have considered adopting one of our foster babies and who have wondered about this concept, the Boastful Boston wants you to know that dogs understand more than we can imagine.

At the end of the adoption process, when a successful match is made, the interaction between the new family and the newest addition quickly communicates to the fur baby that they are home for good. They do not forget their foster family or others in rescue who have helped them along their way, but when a dog is home for good, they somehow understand that their journey is over.

I could highlight an number of adopted dogs to prove this point, but for today, I choose Yoda. Seen at the top of this entry surveying his new home from the comfort of the sofa, he seems to be taking everything in. Yoda now has a sister Emma and his new 2 legged brother has just enough room to hold them both when they have had enough of the cold snow!

Yoda apparently enjoys a hammock pose as well.

And looking at the final picture.... do you doubt that he knows he his home at last? Sleep well Yoda, you deserve a rest!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Ripken is one of the BTRNC 6-pack. Please check out their story on our home page or click on the 6-pack link for Ripken or the other members on our available dogs page! These beautiful babies have so much to explore and learn! See, they've never known houses, or furniture, or carpet or life indoors.

Ripken's foster Mom recently shared with the group that among the things Ripken did not yet know is something as simple as a nap. Before coming in to rescue, Ripken had only slept in a crate! At the end of a long house cleaning session, "Mom" decided to take a nap. She gathered Ripken and the other 2 resident bostons on the bed. Ripken just stood there, confused as to what to do. She began to pet him and encourage him to lay down. Ripken has not yet caught on to this favorite boston pass time.

We hope that one day very soon Ripken will not only want to nap on a bed, that he will not want to give up the warmth of the covers on that bed.
Ripken's foster Mom also shared that he LOVES to see water. He gets to walk to the lake most days and is fascinated with the ducks. He also gets more confident each day enjoying all the attention and play his Mom can give him. Ripken was already handsome, now he is becoming a happy boy too!

Maybe you are the forever home Ripken is looking for and you can continue showing all the things that can happen in a loving home. While he is waiting, his foster family will continue to prepare Ripken for a long life of love and happiness.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


The Boastful Boston became a member of this wonderful group in 2004 and very nearly became George and Gracie's foster Mother a few days later. After being approved as a foster home, I received a call from our foster coordinator. The conversation went something like this:

"We'll put you down for George and Gracie - we'll work out the transport details and call you back." We hung up and I panicked. "What did she just say? I'm getting two TWO.... what am I going to do with two?"

By the time I got over my initial anxiety, George and Gracie had a potential forever family and were being transported elsewhere. Everything worked out just like it was meant to. Four years later, George and Gracie are happy and loved with their family and my first foster, turned adopted baby is currently snoring next to me.

George and Gracie's family have done a wonderful job sending yearly updates.

Gracie has had successful knee surgery so she can continue to run and play.

George had surgery for a dental issue and has recovered well.

Gracie's Mom fashioned a roof over their doggie condo as Gracie is a climber and can scale the wall to exit her condo.

George learned to get along better with dogs other than Gracie and Gracie who gets along with everyone and everything still gets to cuddle and snuggle on a daily basis.

The Boastful Boston is so happy that it all worked out. George, Gracie and Holden agree.