Monday, June 30, 2008


Meet Moonpie, a recently adopted baby and very recent graduate of puppy class!

Think her big beautiful baby browns had anything to do with her name? I see two moon pies in that adorable face!

Moonpie's very proud Mom reports that she passed the class. While both Mom and student are glad that the only requirement was pass or fail, there is no doubt that Moonpie is valedictorian in her Mom's eyes!

Puppy class or kindergarten is offered at Pet Marts stores as well as most boarding and day care facilities for dogs. The class offers socialization with other dogs and new experiences, may reduce separation anxiety and teaches important commands like sit, stay, come, and wait. When these lessons are reinforced at home, the pet will be a calmer better behaved companion and will be easier to take along to events and family outings. A dog needs structure and to understand authority from the "pack" leader. This understanding may reduce destructive behaviors. Home practice also provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bond between the pet and the family

Moonpie apparently has taken advantage of most of the above lessons, except for maybe her love affair with shoes, but we won't talk about that right now!

Congratulations Moonpie! You have a diploma now but you already had the best award - a forever home!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Meet Yoshi, the little guy who should by all rights be named Lucky.

Lucky is a very common name for a dog, but in some cases like this one, it would have been earned! We like the name Yoshi too and are thrilled that he found someone who would name him at all.

Male Boston Terrier in Galax VA - this was his name, and the subject line of about 50 e-mails bouncing between 3 rescues, and many volunteers. Yoshi was the last boston from a puppy mill closure in Galax, Virginia. A BTRNC volunteer was set to go pick him up from the shelter where he then resided. He had spent the first part of his young life with little human contact and no socialization and had been rescued from that environment but had not yet made it to a home. The day before he was to be picked up, the foster home waiting for him had to welcome back a previous foster who did not work out at her new forever home due to some anxiety issues. Male Boston Terrier in Galax Va suddenly had no where to go. We had been told by the shelter that this guy was aggressive toward other dogs so we needed a home with no other dogs. Was he aggressive because of his past and his new scary confinement or was he really aggressive? We have no way of knowing so we work with the information we are given.

A sister rescue was contacted who wanted to help but also had no dog less foster homes available. Another sister rescue was willing to help but was too far away to organize a successful transport. Volunteers were happy to pick him up and drive a reasonable distance but had no where to take him.

His time was running out. The shelter had already kept him a week longer than agreed and he was scheduled to be euthanized due to space issues any day.

Male Boston Terrier in Galax VA had no idea that his life was in jeopardy nor did he know how many people were madly e-mailing and attempting to find contacts to save him.

At literally the last minute, a miracle happened. A contact of our adoption coordinator was willing to take him in Charlotte, North Carolina and she would arrange transport. As if that wasn't good enough news, the person who was set to foster him asked if she could adopt him and provide a forever home - sight unseen. Because she was a fellow rescuer and foster Mom, home visits and approvals had already been completed. Yes Yes Yes! our adoption coordinator said!

Male Boston Terrier in Galax VA was yanked from his fate at the shelter and landed in his forever home where he was named Yoshi! Reports are that he is getting along just fine with his canine siblings and seems very very very happy to be home! You're a lucky boy Yoshi and all those who were on the sidelines cheer your new Mom and your forever home!

If you notice the red in his eye in the pictures, this is most likely a condition known as cherry eye which is easily repaired. His smile says it all!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


BTRNC has had the pleasure of at least 2 of these beautiful coffee lattes pass through. The most recent was Kito who is currently pending his official adoption. The beautiful girl above is Karamel, adopted in late 2007!

Karamel came into rescue terrified of men and therefore recommended for a female forever home. Just such a home was found and Ashley and Karamel were a match.

Her new Mom writes that she is no longer afraid of the outdoors. She now enjoys sun bathing on the deck and exploring her yard. She even flirts from a distance with her Schnauzer neighbor. Mom knows however, that she is a tease and would no longer be charming if given the opportunity to actually meet her crush - tis better to worship from afar.

Karamel spent the 2007 holidays with her new extended family surrounded by love, treats and Santa Paws! What a nice treat for a little girl who was rescued.

She also enjoys the comfort of a real bed with covers, pillows and she even gets to sleep a little longer than her Mom! Lucky girl!

Karamel thinks that her light coloring make her even more beautiful - we think she is right!