Friday, June 15, 2012


It is one of the last remaining inescapable facts:  all living creatures eventually leave this world and pass to what most of us hope is another.  This includes the smallest gnat to the largest elephant and everything in between, including humans, dogs, cats and all other pets. 

BTRNC has had more than its fair share of losses in recent months and at this moment I cannot imagine why I decided to try to write an uplifting blog about them but I did and I have started so here goes:

In no particular order, and not an all inclusive list, I present:

Miss Sophie.  An absolutely beautiful girl who came into rescue with a very large tumor on her backside.  Because of one of our amazing volunteers, Sophie was cradled in a home full of love, security and canine siblings.  She was immediately whisked to the vet for diagnosis and treatment including removal of the tumor. It turned out that that the tumor was malignant and inoperable and causing this beautiful baby pain and discomfort.  So, because of rescue and because we believe that every dog should be allowed to pass peacefully with dignity and surrounded by comfort, Sophie crossed the bridge 1 week later.  
Miss Lucy.  A senior boston who was taken into rescue two years ago.  We were told that she had advanced cancer and developed pneumonia and a variety of other issues and that she would probably not make it through the weekend.  Well in that case, her foster Mom was going to be sure she had a loving weekend, complete with constant care and breathing treatments.   Well guess what, Lucy lived for almost two years and had a blast doing it.  This is a picture of her taken recently at a cancer walk.  Doesn't she look peaceful and happy?  Without rescue, Lucy would not have gotten the treatment she needed, her foster family would not have the chance to know her and love her and she would have lost those last two wonderful years.

Logan.  A gorgeous little man who came into his foster home unaware of the deadly heart worms that had invaded his body.  He was curious and oh so happy to be in a new home with a wonderful family who loved him and were so grateful to get the time to spend with him and shower him with love and attention.

Ducky a/k/a The Duckman. O.k. admittedly this is a tough one to feel uplifted about but in the end, he knew unconditional love and became sick so fast, he probably never realized that his happy ending was to be short lived.  Ducky was adopted once, returned and adopted again.  His new family adored him, took him place with them, and gave Ducky a life of excitement new adventures and lots of hugs. Sadly, it is believed that Ducky had a brain tumor hiding in that handsome head that no one could have foreseen.  He had a magnificent day long outing with his family, came home, and suddenly was not himself.  Ducky was sedated at the vet exam when the tumor was found.  His family let him go without ever fully coming out of the anesthesia so Ducky just took a nap and was dreaming of out door adventures.  He is very missed.

FiFi.  One of our sanctuary babies who we were told would not be able to walk.  Shortly upon joining her foster family with lots of canine playmates, she found what her Foster Mom called magic legs and walked like no one's business.  She explored, played and enjoyed a wonderful life that she would not have had without rescue.  Eventually, her heart gave out due to her age and a life she had prior to rescue but for the time she was with BTRNC, she lived every minute and we are glad to have given her that time.

Harley.  Perhaps one of the first bostons who started it all for one of our very active volunteer families who now have a house full of little black and white children running around.  Harley lived the good life and slowly accepted the introduction of foster and forever siblings into her home.  Queen Harley was treated like royalty for all of her 13 years.  She had come from a backyard breeder who was going to put her "down" because she had too much white on her and was not of breed or show quality.  As Harley aged and developed health problems, she insisted that Mom sit still on the bed every afternoon while Harley took her nap.  Eventually Harley decided that breakfast should be at 3 am so it was.  Harley knew that she was getting older and that there were plenty of kids to take on the cause at her home and that it was time to choose an heir to be the matriarch of the family.  She chose Berkley and one day dropped a cookie on the floor and backed up for Berkley to get it thus formalizing the passing of the torch.

Rudy.  The 15  year old gentlemen who brought another family in the world of Boston Terriers and to BTRNC.  We thank you Rudy.  Rudy was the last of the old guard as his Mom called it.  Now they have a house of young ones again which is so bitter sweet.  This wonderful family also fostered Lucy mentioned above so the losses were so very close.

Tinkerbell, Echo and Abigail.  Three more fosters, much loved and who each with their hearts full of happiness, comfort and security brought by the same foster Mom all who went across the bridge with happy memories of this side of the world and who will join a mob scene waiting for this foster Mom when it is her turn to cross the bridge.

Oliver, Victoria and Kenny, all crossed recently under the loving protection of foster homes made possible by rescue.

Oscar.  It was the opinion of the first vet that examined this special guy in 2007 that it would be best to put him to sleep.  Although a respected vet, there was something about Olvier that made us think he might have more time.  We transferred him to a sanctuary home in Virginia and was evaluated b a second vet.  This doctor acknoweldged that Osacar would have special needs but she felt that if foster Mom was up to it, he could definitely be around for awhile.  "Mom" immediately took on the cause, and gave Oscar 5 long wonderful happy years.  In dog years, that is another half a life almost.  Oscar was the light of his Mom's eye and the captain of the ship.  He walked with his pack and made himself comfortable in the big comfy bed. 

And finally the loved by all who met him Boomer!  This amazing sweet old gentlemen was the beloved pet of  Marine who had to surrender him.  During his year in foster care, he lay at the door staring waiting for his "boy" to come home.  It was hearbreaking.  Eventually, another volunteer knew somehow that Boomer was meant to be with her so she adopted him.  Amazingly, when she met Foster Mom half way to bring him home, he trotted off with her, never looked back and never looked out the door.  Somehow he knew that he was finally home again!
 So, that's the summary.  Yes we did lose too many babies in the last few months but under the grief, pain and sorry, we are all so happy that we had the opportunity to know these dogs for even a little while and so happy that we know that they all passed with security and concistency.  In rescue, these comforts are rare and precious the day a dog walks in the door and they mean the difference between suffering, sadness, loss and happy feet, hearts, paws and tounges for as long as we are blessed to have them.