Friday, September 28, 2007

Molly - the fierce, the beautiful, the proud!
Molly arrived at our rescue with an ulcer that was just about to burst! Luckily it was caught in time and the vet was able to save her eye. She required some follow-up appointments and still has one more to go, but her eye should be fine.

Molly is a love bug who likes to snuggle up with you at night. She is full of energy and STRONG! She has the most muscular back legs her foster mom has ever seen. She is easily able to scale a four foot fence. Molly is an independent soul who doesn't always play well with other four-legged friends. She wants to be boss and likes everyone to know it. One of her foster siblings in an 85lb male Doberman who has agreed she can be boss. If Molly approaches him, he will stick his nose in a corner! Molly would do best as an only dog. She behaves beautifully with people, but less so with other dogs.

Molly has incurred quite a few vet bills through the process of saving her eye. She really needs some sponsors. Won't you consider becoming one?

The Boston

Friday, September 21, 2007


Readers may be surprised to learn that many bostons and other fur babies come into rescue not ever having seen or played with a toy! Foster Moms and Dads often have the privilege of introducing their new arrivals to little animal shaped soft things that squeak and fly through the air when thrown by their foster family members. What to do with these things? It seems that they might actually be for me? I am not scolded when sniffing, biting or even chewing on these creatures.

Are they alive? Should I tear them to shreds to save my newly found family? Should I carefully remove the squeaky thing to silence them forever? Or should I softly suck on them until they become drenched.

With much delight, our fur kids learn the joy and delight of these toys. An expensive way to teach love and play to a dog who may have missed out on the fun before entering rescue.

One such foster, Ollie learned about toys and love and found a forever family who had lots of toys waiting for him. Renamed Tucker, he continues to delight in the simple pleasure found in these toys.

Wouldn't it be nice if more people could remember and find happiness in simple pleasures. Just ask Tucker!

The Boastful Boston

Monday, September 17, 2007


Rescue dogs come to BTRNC as they are, some perfectly trained, some not so much, and some who carry baggage from another life. Petey came into rescue, aggressive and very difficult to control. Many warm hearted rescue members and boston lovers who read our web site made it possible for Petey to attend a behavioral program to work on these issues. Petey completed the program and was available for adoption. But would anyone want to take on a dog with known behavioral issues? As a matter of fact, yes! Petey was adopted and his new family was kind enough to send us an update and some pictures.

The Boastful Boston has read the summary and looked at the pictures. Sometimes, the pictures tell the story better than words ever could.


Petey's family continue to reinforce what he has learned but mostly, they love him and in that love, Petey has found paradise!

The Boastful Boston


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Miss Emily Delivers!

When one of our volunteers arrived at the SC shelter to pick up Emily, she was told, "she might be pregnant." On the way home, our volunteer stopped by her vet with Emily for shots and a microchip. The vet did a sonogram and confirmed two, maybe three viable heartbeats!! One week and one day after being rescued from the shelter, Emily gave birth to two little girls and one little boy.

Both mom and puppies are doing well and all are looking for a home. Emily has been so good with her babies. The babies sleep a lot, eat a lot and have gone on their first mini walk. Won't you consider adopting Emily or one of her beautiful puppies? Visit the available dogs to find out more. If you are unable to adopt, consider being a sponsor.The Boston

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Snuggle Pup
He was found wandering the streets of Augusta, Georgia. It seemed that he had been lost for a while. He was a very sick pup, down on his luck. He arrived at his foster home with some of his teeth worn away, dry and yellowed fur and it looked like his eye had been bitten at some point. He also had heartworms. He is currently being treated for his heartworms AND receiving lots of love and attention. He now has a gleam in his eye, a spring in his step, and a smile on his face. His foster mom says that she will often see him sitting down, looking around and taking it all in. Then a smile will spread across his face, so thankful that he is off the streets.

Auggie is a huge SNUGGLE PUP. He likes to make a nest out of his blankies and then push his bed as close to his mom as possible and cuddle. He is very well behaved, never complains when his foster fur sister takes his toys right from his paws, walks well on a leash and tolerates being crated. He loves being outside. He will drop down on his back and squiggle around feeling the wind blow across his ears and the grass on his back. He is a little aggressive towards larger dogs when he is
on his leash. He will bark and growl at them. Maybe his behavior towards big dogs is a window to his past. Who knows what he went through while he was out on the streets.

Auggie does mark, but hopefully once he has been successfully treated for heartworms and neutered, that behavior will stop. His foster mom says, "his smile warms you from head to toe and he is the perfect companion dog who needs very li
ttle upkeep."
Won't you consider giving Auggie a home? Please visit the available dogs page. If you can't keep Auggie forever, then please consider being a sponsor.

The Boston

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Contributed by Santino's Forever Mom and proudly published by The Boastful Boston

Santino came to us as our 3rd foster. Unlike the first two, he is an older dog, around 5 years old, in a new environment, he was confused. It took him a long time to understand that this was where he supposed to be, a home with a routine and rules. Once he caught on to the home idea, however, he skipped the foster part, and had no intention of going anywhere. It took a bit longer for us to understand this. But then, once day we looked at him and he looked at us, and it became clear he was not going to leave. We now have a happy and balanced pack with room for future fosters.
Santino had to learn certain things and is still learning new ones. He now plays wonderfully in the yard and brings his toy back every time...he is learning to actually catch a Frisbee from the air, too. He is beginning to enjoy the long hikes in the arboretum and is also laying down in the kiddie pool with the other dogs, although he will avoid the creek at all cost.

He does not however, like to get up in the morning.

He loves to ride in the car in is happiest when he is right in the middle of his pack.

Santino is still working through some separation anxiety, but he is well worth effort to help him through it. I know the little man will conquer his fears.

In all other respects we could not have asked for a better addition to our household, we love him dearly and have not once been sorry that we made the decision to make this his forever home....

Hi four legged family agrees!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Many Seasons of Pauley

Pauley arrived in foster care over a year ago. He is about to begin his 5th season with his current foster family an
d is ready to have a home of his own.

Pauley is a high energy dog who loves to play. He tries to play with his foster brother Truman, who is unfortunately not interested. Luckily, family friends have a dog, Ernie and they have become great friends and playmates.

Pauley is good with children. He currently lives with a little girl and likes to be around her. Always up for a challenge, he taught himself to climb up the stairs on her outdoor playset. This way he is close to her when she is playing. He has also designated himself the bath-time monitor. He stands guard when his sister is in the tub.

Pauley has bonded with his foster mom. They have "date" night once a week when Pauley gets his mom's undivided attention. Dad is off with friends and little sis and Truman are spending the night with their grandparents. "What fun!" Pauley thinks as he leaps on to his foster mom's lap.

Pauley likes to go for walks and loves treats. He knows where they are kept and will sometimes stand near the pantry door insisting he get one. He also likes car rides, but since he slobbers all over the car during the ride, he doesn't get to go on many.

Pauley has had some health issues, but since seeing a holistic vet, he is doing really well. Won't you take a chance on Pauley? To find out more, visit the available dogs page. Not able to give Pauley a home? Then consider becoming his sponsor. We are heading into the next season, Pauley would love to be in his new home before the season ends.

The Boston