Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Most often, when a boston is placed with his or her forever family, there is a 2 week trial period during which the forever family and the boston get to know one another and confirm that a good match has been made.

Upon arriving at his forever home however, Camden said, “no one told me about a trial period! I like it here – you wouldn’t give me back would you?”

It looks good Camden! You have new treats toys and a bed. You have won the extended family over with your expressions and good manners. Your new forever Mom’s Mom has threatened to steal you away! Looks like you have made a good impression.

How is this pose for the Happy Endings page? Camden asks.

Camden is learning his new routine, including when to eat and when to go into his crate for away time. He loves having someone’s lap to share during a thunderstorm and especially loves it when he gets to go play with other bostons and other four legged furry friends!

After another happy day, Camden is settled in for the night. Sweet dreams handsome boy. You are home!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sweet, happy-go-lucky guy

Roscoe is the perfect gentleman. He is always dressed impeccably in his black and white BT tuxedo. One of his foster sisters - Sweetie, a saucy,rambunctious two-year old Chihuahua/Boston mix - wears a tuxedo too and he has politely refrained from calling her, "impostor" to her face. He also has an older foster sister, Gracie a 10-12 year-old senior Pug. He is always very sweet with Gracie and will sometimes relax with her on her bed.

In Sweetie, however, he has found a perfect playmate. He and Sweetie like to explore and play in the backyard. Their foster mom says that sometimes she barely catches a glimpse of two black and white streaks as Roscoe chases after Sweetie. They also share their toys and like to play tug of war until Roscoe allows Sweetie to win and lets her have the toy with the understanding that he is going to tear after her around the house. Roscoe also enjoys a good game of fetch and sometimes when he gets to the ball first, he doesn't bring it directly back. He likes to parade around in front of Sweetie with his "catch." Sometimes Sweetie is bossy and will snarl at Roscoe when he tries to get a bone, but he doesn't ever seem to mind. He just goes in to his Boston Terrier play stance and jumps at her. Roscoe loves to go for walks and goes bonkers, jumping up and down when the leash is brought out. He walks well on a leash. A perfect gentleman.

He is a quick learner. He arrived at his new home unfamiliar with stairs. He made it down the flight of stairs leading to the yard, but when he was ready to come up, he walked up four stairs and then jumped through the steps to the ground below. His foster mom guided him up the stairs several times while he was on a lead and he quickly learned to keep going up. His only bad habit, he learned from his older sis. Gracie wakes up between 5:30am and 6:00am and starts keening and whining. Roscoe thinks it is great fun to get in on the action and help wake up his family with little barks and howling.

Don't you need a little "waking up" asks The Boston? Visit our available dogs page to learn more about Roscoe. If you are unable to adopt him, consider being a sponsor.

The Boston

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hungry No More
Isabelle was pulled from a SC shelter scared, hungry and infested with whipworm and heartworm. She had no concept of being a dog when she arrived at her foster home. When her foster mommy threw a fleece ball to her, it hit her in the face. She didn't know how to interact with the other dogs in her family and she wanted to stay i
n her crate all the time. Her foster mommy is in the process of fattening her up and getting her healthy. She is going back to the vet soon to see if the heartworms and whipworms are gone. Isabelle has begun to become part of the pack. She knew she was an accepted part of the family when her foster grandma made Isabelle her very own bandanna to keep her cool in hot weather. (She is the one in the yellow).

Isabelle is beginning to play with her foster siblings, Teeny and Boo and she loves to curl up for a nap with Pip when their mom is at work. She is discovering things she never knew. She loves toys. She is not always sure what to do with them, but she likes to have them all around her. She is venturing out of her crate and loves to be on Mommy's bed. She is a little protective of her food, but that is to be understood. She was starving when she first got here and is still learning that she will always have enough food.

Isabelle, affectionately known as Izzy or Isabelly-jelly will be available for adoption as soon as she gets the okay from the vet. Won't you consider giving this sweet girl a home? Visit our available dogs page to find out more. If you are unable to adopt her, please consider being a sponsor to help pay her vet bills.

The Boston

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The Boastful Boston must admit that she became smitten with Tootsie at first glance on the web site in 2006. I mean really, how can you not fall for this face?

Determined jaw, strong under bite and a nose that might actually soften the boston characteristic snore!

Apparently her foster mother was also smitten since she chose to make Tootsie's forever home right there with her, foster no more. Since that time, the members of BTRNC have been treated to videos starring Tootsie and lots of pictures of Tootsie being her adorable dignified self. The Boastful Boston has even heard talk that Tootsie "woos" her Mom upon her arrival home. It's a personal thing you see. While her boston siblings are racing around like the nuts they are, Tootsie enjoys the spot light by presenting her backside and celebrating the reunion of their family with a "woo woo woo."

Tootsie also enjoys the comforts of her own take on a security blanket, her "woobie". Seen here in a private moment, Tootsie is not ashamed to say, "I LOVE MY WOOBIE!"

Tootsie is a lucky girl in the company of many other boston babies who found their forever homes through rescue and a second chance. On behalf of all of them, Tootsie says: "woo woo"!

The Boastful Boston

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying, Planning and Dreaming

Buddy is turning 14 in October, but he still holds out hope that someone will fall in love with him and take him home. His foster mom describes him as a "great big puppy" because he still plays like he is a puppy. One of his favorite games is tug of war and he loves to play with his foster siblings. He also likes to play in the yard.

When Buddy is taking a break from playing with his siblings, he enjoys being loved on and given kisses. He even likes to have his ears cleaned and gets excited after it is done. He runs, jumps and plays, so joyful that he is being doted on and taken care of.

Buddy craves attention and keeps tabs on his foster mommy's whereabouts. He doesn't like her to go too far without him. Even when he is playing with his foster siblings or entertaining himself with his toys, he can usually be found near his foster mommy. Once Buddy winds down from a day of playing he likes to snuggle under a blanket. He isn't comfortable or happy until he is covered.

Buddy's foster mom says that he has the most expressive eyes. "He really lets you know that he loves to be loved!" Buddy has been in foster care for almost a year. Won't you consider adopting him and giving him a home? Visit the available dogs page to find out more about Buddy. If you are unable to adopt him, consider being a sponsor.

Buddy is waiting.........

The Boston

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Friday, August 17, 2007


Handsome Newt was rescued along with about 11 other bostons surviving at a puppy mill. We first wrote about Newt in June 2006 when he was learning furniture, stairs and most importantly love.

Newt found a forever home and a forever brother Riley through the magic of BTRNC and those who read the web site looking for a forever fur baby to share their lives. Riley was also grateful that Newt came into their happy home.

Newt is deaf related to the conditions in which spent the first 4 years of his life. Newt however says, "who needs ears when I can see love in the eyes of my family and I can certainly see treats waved in front of me. My world may be silent but my heart is full."

Newt is one example of the forgiving spirit of pets and their willingness to trust again. The Boastful Boston thinks that humans could learn a thing or two from our furry friends.

Congratulations Newt and family - may you share a long healthy and happy life!!! You deserve it.

The Boastful Boston

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lola and Luna

Her name was Lola, she was a good girl, pastel pink around her neck, white all down her chest, but she was lonely, no boston playmate. (Sung to the tune of Barry Manilow's Lola, all rights reserved).

Thank goodness Lola's Mom knew about Boston Terrier Resuce of North Carolina. There on the available dogs page was Luna. Luna caught the attention of Lola's Mom's right away. How could she not notice those ears which flop at the tips, eyes of two different colors, that adorable expression of mischief on her face. Lola and Luna.... even their names flow together.

The first step was an e-mail to Betsy, the adoption coordinator for BTRNC asking about Luna. She was still available and waiting for her forever home. An adoption application, a home visit and a sum to keep the rescue going later, Luna was on her way to meet Lola, her new sister and her forever home!

Luna entered the room on her first night..... Lola looked toward the door. Who was this? Someone to play with me? Will we be friends? Will she be mean to me or steal all the food?, they both wondered. Looks like everything is going to be just fine.

Her name was Lola, no longer alone now, had Luna by her side, they ran up and down the big fenced yard. Be sure to check out the "Our Dogs" page, your perfect match may be waiting for you too!
The Boastful Boston!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Loves Squeaky Toys
Are you looking for your soul mate? Does your heart fill with joy when you s
ee your loved one go after something with purpose and determination and then throws her head back with wooful joy? Look no further than Nelly!

Nelly comes to us from Georgia and is waiting patiently to be adopted by someone that will appreciate her for the princess that she is. The vet has estimated her age to be about 10 years, but don't let that fool you. She keeps up with her 4 year-old foster brother, Diego, just fine. Nothing seems to beat a good game of chase followed by a little "bitey face" time. Or if Diego is not in the mood to play, then watch out squirrels. Nelly loves to chase them up a tree with her foster sister, Tootsie and then throws her head back to bark. It is as if she is saying, "next time my dear friends, next time."

Nelly would like you to know her preferences so that the perfect family adopts her. Nelly likes lots of adoration and atte
ntion. It makes her nervous to be around people who are raising their voices. Being the princess, Nelly likes to do big potties at the edge of the woods, not in the middle of the yard. She is afraid of thunderstorms. She also doesn't care to get her precious paws wet in long grass. She'd rather not be picked up. She likes to snuggle up to you instead. Nelly likes lots of adoration and attention. I know I already wrote that, but Nelly insisted I write it again. :)

"So what are you waiting for?" asks The Boston. Complete that application today. Apply for your very own princess. You won't be disappointed. Visit our available dogs.

If she is not the princess for you, then consider being a sponsor and donating to her care.

The Boston

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing Jelly
I was told that I was found in a grocery store in Georgia. I don't remember much because I was in bad shape at the time. Someone picked me up and after a series of transports by some really nice people, I ended up in my foster home in NC. When I first arrived I was pretty listless and my foster mom wasn't quite sure what to think of me. My eyes oscillated rapidly back and forth causing mom to think of a dog possessed. It turns out I had an ear infection. The infection had travelled to my middle ear and was causing me a lot of pain. Both ears are in tip-top shape now. I do have a couple of medical conditions that are kept in check with medication.

So, now I'm living the good life. The vet told me I was 10 years old and called me a "senior." I wasn't sure what a "senior" was, but I figured it was a compliment. My foster mom says I'm older and that makes me a senior dog. Ha! Older is better if you ask me. I don't chew on things I'm not supposed to or get into the trash. I don't jump up on people or run circles around the house. I'm not saying that I have observed any of these behaviors in my foster siblings, I'm just saying I don't do them. I like to go for short walks, especially if some of my foster siblings are going. I try to engage my siblings in play by bumping up against them and wagging my tail. They don't seem to understand though. Mostly, I like to kick back and sleep when I'm at home. My foster mom says that I am the perfect reading companion. Mom gets to read while I rest and get the occasional head or "under chin" rub. I like to chew on bones too, so I hang out near mom and chew for hours while she gets her chores done.

Mind you, I don't sleep all of the time. I just rest up for when mom decides to take me out on the town. I hang out in downtown Winston-Salem a lot. I have quite the fan club down there. We check out the gallery hops or the downtown music scene. Sometimes, mom will sit at a table outside and I get a big bowl of water while she drinks a sweet tea.
I'd love to find a home where I can relax and be loved. I promise to give you lots of love in return.

If you are unable to adopt Jelly, consider donating money to help pay her vet bills. She incurred several big bills when she was first rescued, please visit the available dog page.
The Boston

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Bend in the Road

Fourteen months and one hundred and fourteen posts ago, a bouncing baby Blog came into the world. Named The BTRNC Blogger, its doting mother had high hopes for her creative offspring. With so many stories to share, the Bashful mother couldn't wait to chronicle the heartfelt stories happening all around her.

Stories that would inspire.

Stories that would arouse real emotion and offer an inside look into the world of animal rescue and adoption. And maybe, by sharing her thoughts, the Bashful mother hoped she might motivate readers to reach out a helping hand.

There are so many ways for one person to make a difference in the life of one dog. Rescue. Foster. Adopt. Donate.

The Bashful Boston has nurtured her mindchild into maturity. It's time to step back from her maternal role and encourage new thoughts and stories to make an imprint on this important artistic enterprise.

Today, the Bashful Boston hands over the reigns into two sets of capable hands. The Boston will impart experiences of fostering. She will provide you privileged peeks into the everyday lives of our foster parents and our foster dogs.

The Boastful Boston will reveal what happens when our foster dogs go to their chosen adoptive homes. Will they be the happily ever stories that we all wish for?

Devoted readers, stay tuned. There is so much good to come.

Not so hard to say goodbye with a future so bright,

The Bashful Boston