Saturday, July 29, 2006

To the Beach We Go

No it's not Margaritaville, it's Topsail Island! Home of our favorite beach dwelling volunteer, Marge! Marge was gracious to host BTRNC volunteers for a weekend getaway.

All year long, volunteers work hard answering emails, returning calls, screening applications and transporting dogs. We deserve a little R&R, no?

Take a look at our event pictures, do you see the adorable black and white faces peering into the camera lens? That's right, not only are we enjoying some quality time together- we took a vacation from the Bostons. While the husbands, children and petsitters tend to the needs of our flat-faced canine companions, we raise our margaritas and toast to a successful year of rescue.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mothers of Pearl

When BTRNC aggreed to accept Pearl into the foster program, we had no idea of the twists and turns her life would take.

We start from the very beginning. Pearl was purchased from a pet store as a young puppy- discounted because her long-legged, lean, athletic build was not typical of a Boston Terrier. The woman who took Pearl home had taken pity on the sad puppy with the wayward eyes. Pearl spent puppyhood in a comfortable home with a mother who loved her dearly. She did not live richly but she lived happily. At the age of 1 Pearl's vet diagnosed her with a collapsed trachea and hip dysplasia. The vet prescribed pain medication and referred Pearl to a specialist for surgery. When the estimate for surgery approached $2500, Pearl's mother was devastated. How would she, living on a fixed income after retiring, afford this surgery? The fact was, she couldn't. She tearfully contacted rescue and begged for Pearl's life. Her pleas were answered and BTRNC agreed to take Pearl. She was promised the long and healthy life that she deserved.

Pearl was taken to BTRNC veterinarians for evaluation. The first veterinarian hinted at a misdiagnosis and referred Pearl to a specialist. The specialist carefully examined Pearl's trachea and hip and detected no problems in either region. Pearl suffered only from a low grade luxating patella- a problem of the knee seen often in Boston Terriers. Surgery was not necessary at the time, but might be needed in the future if her knee worsened. Stunned, BTRNC learned Pearl was a healthy dog.

Pearl's original owner was contacted and informed that Pearl had been grossly misdiagnosed. Did she want Pearl returned to her? She asked how Pearl was doing, she asked about her new life. She learned that Pearl shared her foster home with other dogs and she played day and night. She learned that Pearl had taken a trip to the beach. She learned that Pearl loved the nearby park. She knew without asking that Pearl was happy. Giving Pearl up had been one of the hardest things she had ever done. Bringing her home only to face the possiblity of giving her up again someday because she could not afford knee surgery... that was unimaginable. She allowed Pearl to stay in foster care, she asked that BTRNC find someone who would love Pearl just as much as she had.

A month after her adoption, Pearl's adoptive mother reports,

"She is doing so great and is showing more and more of her hysterical personality every day. We love her so much and are just having a blast with her.

Last weekend, we went for our first visit to Grandma’s house in Cary. When we got there, Pearl marched right into the house like she owned the place. I think she investigated every square inch of the house before greeting the family! A few hours after we got to Grandma’s house, my husband’s brother came over. He brought his dog, Zeppelin, who is the father of our Beagle, Roxy. Roxy and Zeppelin immediately started wrestling around with each other on the floor. Pearl just stood back and watched. When Zeppelin noticed that there was an unfamiliar dog in the house, he came over to say hello. Pearl rolled over on her back and let him sniff her over from head to toe until Zeppelin decided she was alright. This behavior is one of the things that impresses me the most about Pearl. She is so well socialized and so good about meeting new dogs. I wouldn’t say that she is a super submissive dog – she is just smart. It’s as if she “reads” other dogs’ personalities in order to see how she should behave. After all of the introductions, Pearl jumped right in to the game and started head butting the other two dogs as a way of playing.

Later that evening, after Zeppelin went home and Roxy and Pearl had their walks, we got out the rubber balls. The girls love to chase the balls, and each always wants the one that the other has, of course. While we were playing, Pearl started doing this funny thing that I’d never seen her do before. She holds her green ball in her mouth and watches until I throw Roxy’s yellow ball. As soon as I throw the yellow ball, Pearl makes this odd bark/growl sound three times – It’s always three times. While she makes this sound, she shakes her head back and forth like she is trying to shake something apart, and she pounds the ground really hard with both of her front paws at the same time. It is absolutely hysterical to watch and she does it EVERY SINGLE TIME I throw the yellow ball for Roxy.

On the way home from Grandma’s house, Pearl and Roxy snuggled up together for a nap for the very first time! They looked so cute together and slept that way nearly the whole way home. I’ve attached a picture of them sleeping. So precious…

A few weeks ago, we got the girls a little kiddie-pool to play in. Pearl is in no way afraid to jump right in. She also likes to dunk her head to the bottom of the pool to get the toys that don’t float. When the water gets warm, I like to put a bunch of ice cubes in and watch Pearl fish them all out. She takes them out one-by-one and puts them in a pile on the patio. Then she brings me one, drops it at my feet, and cries until I throw it for her.

We absolutely LOVE her!"

It's not often that we begin a story on a happy note and end on an equally happy note. Yes, there were a few bumps along the way, but with the support of her original mom, BTRNC volunteers, sponsors and her adoptive family, Pearl is living the life she was promised.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Heart of Hobbit

Hobbit holds a special place in the heart of our volunteers. He spent his life in a deplorable puppy mill with little to no human contact. Rescued in his senior years, he was essentially a feral dog living in a state of emotional and physical pain. He had given up the will to live. But his foster mom wouldn't accept this resignation. With a full year of vet care, good nutrition and lots of TLC, Hobbit gradually evolved into a lively, happy dog, with some very distinctive personality traits. Finding Hobbit a family proved the most difficult adoption BTRNC faced. He was the last of the 12 Sanford Puppy Mill dogs to be adopted. In December 2005, he traveled all the way to Michigan to find his forever home.

His adoptive family checks in after 7 months:

"I was so worried when Hobbit first came home with me. He warmed up very quickly to me and my dogs, but he was terrified of everyone else. Like I said before he is still choosey about his human friends, but he is at least warming up to other people now. We live in a small town and frequently go eat at this old A&W drive-in(it’s the only restaurant in town), where they serve you at your car. Hobbit has found a best friend there. The young girl that usually serves us always bribes Hobbit with a “doggy sundae “..its a little cup of ice cream with crushed dog bones sprinkled on it. Hobbit will start to drool just at the sight of this young girl now. He has become so accustomed to going there with us and she always brings him out a sundae!

Anyway, Hobbit is doing so much better than I ever imagined he could. He was so timid and visibly scared of everything at first. I think having my pitbull Eddie helped Hobbit immensely. Hobbit has come into his own now, but still keeps Eddie in sight. He just loves Eddie, but he will go off and do his own thing now. In the last month he has finally caught on to the game of fetch. He used to run after the ball and then just lay down with it, as though he was confused or had no idea what to do next. But he began to realize that I will throw it again if he brings it back to me. So, now he brings me EVERYTHING. Rocks, walnuts, dirty socks and even my car keys sometimes. Anything he can pick up….he brings me to throw. He is such a character. Hobbit loves the water and has discovered our pond this summer. He is intrigued with the bull frogs in the pond and is constantly pouncing on them, never hurts them though. He’s just having a good time. He acts like a puppy, you would never guess he is an older dog. He went on vacation with us this summer to Washington DC and he did so well. We stayed in a “dog friendly” hotel and he was just an angel. Hobbit is an excellent little traveler. Anyway, I wanted you to know that he is doing well and I am so thankful for having Hobbit in my life."

We applaud the individual who sees a troubled dog and steps forward. And we honor Hobbit who reminds us that happiness comes from choosing to be happy and finding ways to get there.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Libby Hill Diary
as told by the Johnson Family

A few weeks back, one of our longtime volunteers stepped forward to foster a senior dog named Libby. Below is a chronicle of Libby making herself at home with the Johnsons.

7/1 I am just sending a quick progress note about Libby... She arrived at my house about 2:30 with Betsy, and almost immediately settled right in! One by one we introduced my other three dogs, and they received each other very well! The cat was out and about all the while, and there was absolutely no interaction at all!
So far everyone is getting along beautifully...Libby Hill (I already have a little nickname for her) is just darling as could be!She is so sweet and loving, very generous with the kisses too! She has had a nice satisfying dinner, and made herself cozy in a doggy bed and blanky....she appears to be totally content! She will be a hard one to part with!

7/2 I am trying very hard to get some pics. that really show how beautiful Libby is!!! Poor thing, she is just so tired!!! But here are a couple.... I can't tell you how sweet she is!! This is going to be a tough one for me to part with, I can tell already!! Whenever I foster.... everyone says Uh-Oh!

7/3 Well...Little Liberace has "woken up"! She is starting to feel better and has become more rested and is starting to become familiar with her with that I have seen a whole new Miss Libby!!!!! She has decided that all toys are hers, that she is part gazelle, and that she now belongs in our bed where Magnolia's place was, and she not willing to negotiate! She is still as sweet as can be...but what a difference a day makes!

7/4 Libby wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July. And say that she is so thankful to be in a loving home where she is safe, and cool, with lots of yummy things to eat whenever she wants!! Libby is finding more and more fun things to do, and learn what it's like to enjoy life!!! I'm telling you... I think I'll have to be sedated to get her away from me!!

7/9 I thought you might enjoy a peak at what bed time at the Johnson's looks like lately.... This is my side of the bed... Doesn't it look like I would be so comfy? These are Magnolia and Libby... I love them both dearly, so I don't mind sharing with them!! Libby is only SUPPOSED to be a foster, but as you can see, she is making herself right at home... She doesn't leave me for a moment! That is making this very difficult not to become too attached! I don't know...maybe a permanent foster?

7/21 Announcement from BTRNC Congratulations goes to the Johnsons and Libby! Special thanks to her foster parents, who are now her forever mom and dad. What a blessing!

7/22 Thank you for your well wishes and kind thoughts regarding Libby and her joining our family! We love her very much and are honored to be her Mom and Dad... I really feel that we are the lucky ones to have such genuine, unconditional love! Thank all of you that make this rescue the success that it is.

The Johnson Family

Riley's Big Day

The newest dog to join the ranks of BTRNC spent Saturday traveling across the state of North Carolina from his home in the mountains to the metropolis of Raleigh. With the help of 4 dedicated and tireless volunteers, Riley's journey was a smooth one.

The day began with BTRNC volunteer Petra who escorted Riley from Asheville to Charlotte. Petra reports "Riley is a beautiful Boston, inside and out, he will make someone a great dog. I had a hard time letting go, and I only knew him for 2 hours." We can also thank Petra for these action shots of Riley in transport.

Jennifer was the next volunteer kind enough to give Riley a lift from Charlotte to Greensboro.

In Greensboro, Riley met Terese who carried him to Durham. Terese remarks, "I wanted to take this little guy home myself."

In Durham, Riley met his kind-hearted foster mom, Brooke, who accompanied him home to Raleigh. After spending a few hours with this road-weary dog, Brooke writes in, "Riley-boy had a long day... He's settling in and doing great. He's a very sweet boy, and quite handsome. Don't you agree?" YES, we agree! We have Brooke to thank for this close up of Riley's mug.

Keep an eye on the BTRNC Available Dogs page, Riley will make an appearance very soon!

Four volunteers and one grateful dog. All in a day's work.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Maggie Mae: Happily Ever After

Do you remember this sweet face? This might be the face of the most popular dog to grace the pages of our website. We received more inqueries and pleas to adopt this 10lb girl than any dog in BTRNC history. At least as far back as we can remember...

With her one year adoption anniverary looming, we received a note from Maggie Mae's adoptive father.

"Maggie Mae AKA, Magster, Mags, Rocket Dog, Ms. Mae has been with me now for almost 1 year. Maggie has become the best dog I have ever known. After a few questionable months she has come into her own. She now has the confidence to be herself; she has a terrific personality and is always in a good mood. She is a very sweet and loving girl who loves to play and snuggle. Maggie makes weekly trips to the beach and loves to run on the sand and jump into the water, the first time we hit the beach she ran right into the ocean, I was amazed she is fearless. Maggie has many dog friends who we see everyday on her twice daily walks, her best bud’s are Riley, Jerry, Sam, Oscar, Mattie and Jake her BT boyfriend. Everyone in the family was instantly in love with Maggie; I think her kiss attack greeting has something to do with it. I think Maggie knows she has found her forever home. I am grateful that I found her through BTRNC. The people that make up BTRNC are the best, without their love, time, compassion and money so many great dogs would be lost. I will continue to support them for as long as I can.
Maggie also sends a special thank you to her foster mom, Ms. Elaine."

Elaine, thank you for being there when this troubled little girl needed you. Richard, thank you for sticking with Maggie Mae through thick and thin. Maggie Mae, live it up. We are all so very proud of you.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sam I Am: Part II

For those of you who missed the first installation of Sam I Am, take a moment and catch up on his story-

After a month of living in a twisted physical state, the Bashful Boston will uncross her toes, ankles, legs, fingers, arms and eyes. The good luck charm worked! Samuel is settled happily into his forever home.

We received a note from Samuel's adoptive parents.

"Things are great with him -- we've all gotten to know one another and we are all really enjoying each other. Sam is a such good boy and he tries so hard to be a good listener -- sometimes he just cannot contain himself!! Overall, we are thrilled to have Sam as the newest member in our family and we would be lost without him."

Lost without him, who would have thought that a dog so neglected, so unloved would have ever heard these words. There is hope in second chances.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Betsy and Noel, for taking a chance on the dog who wasn't perfect.

My Favorite Foster... Shugi

I took in my first foster in November 2005. I picked her up from another foster mom and at first wondered what I had got myself into. I worried all the way home if she would make the two hour drive to my house.

Her name is Shugi, she is fourteen years young and the sweetest and most personable dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When she came into the rescue she had double pneumonia and was terribly underweight. To say the least she had been badly neglected before she came to us.
She has since taught me more than I could imagine, I spent the first few weeks in and out of the vet getting her healthy, she takes medicine on a daily basis now and is doing great with it.
She has what is known as a elongated palate so I have to hand or spoon feed her soft food.

When she first came all she did was sleep, well not anymore! I have a very active fourteen year old who meets me at the door bouncing like the younger dogs in my house. She has the most expressive facial expressions you will ever see, you can tell when something is up with her in both good and bad ways. I would have to say out of all of my foster dogs she has been the biggest challenge to date.
Each one holds a place in my heart but none like Shugi, she truly lets me know I am needed each and every day.

I have to agree with the other foster moms there is no way I could do this alone, my whole family plays an active part in taking care of the fosters in our house

Please join our foster family so other dogs in need like Shugi and the many other dogs we have can have the life they so deserve.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Remembering Belle and Bandit

Are you curious about the 5 Boston faces that grace the face of our webpage day in and day out? You've seen the pictures, full of good old fashioned black and white charm. Today, we will share with you the story of the 4th face. A dog known by the name of of BTRNC's first adoptees. And in sharing Bandit's story, we must also pay tribute to his beautiful sister, Belle. Bandit and Belle died 6 days apart in fall 2005. Their mom, Joiann, tells their story.

I adopted Bandit (10 years old) in May 2003 and Belle (8 years old) in December 2003. Belle was only supposed to be a foster, and from what I know, Bandit was the first Boston adopted out of BTRNC!!!! I am so glad that I found this group, or I would never have had these baby dolls in my life.

I was browsing the website one day and I came across Bandit's picture. When I saw him in that little red shirt, with that "Eeyore" looking little face... I knew I had to have this baby! I contacted the number, and it brought me to BTRNC. I was told the rescue had just formed, and saved Bandit (affectionately known as"Grandpa") . He was discarded by his owners at the age of 10, for the fact that they claimed that he was unable to be housebroken! And dumped him in a shelter! BTRNC thought I was the right person to adopt, so Grandpa came to meet us..... It was love at first sight!!! He never left my side from that moment on.... and never had one potty accident in the house! He was the perfect little man! Bandit had a number of health issues that were of course unknown, but he was able to live with, but was being treated for.... I lost my Darling Bandit October 25. 2005, due to a heart problem, with him I lost a piece of my heart!

Belle came to me as a foster, and was with us a number of months, and there was an inquiry about her, but the interested party did not work out... so we adopted Belle! She was a wonderful little girl and we loved her dearly... We were all one big happy family. I have a Lab mix, a Chihuahua, and a Siamese as well! On October 19, 2005 we lost our Belle due to complications of a massive seizure she had about ten days before.Though we lost our sweet babies only six days apart.... they brought us such joy in the short time we had them.... and I hope that we brought them a feeling of love, safety, and a sense of knowing that we adored and cherished them!!

I hope that anyone who is looking for a lifetime companion,a loyal loving member of their family.... would consider adopting a Senior dog (hopefully a Boston rescue) It will be one the most joyous and fulfilling experiences in their life...I hope you enjoy their story. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you!!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Favorite Foster(s)?

A favorite foster…hmmmm. Let’s see, that must be Newt, my first - my sweet little deaf boy. He came to me from a puppy mill, terribly thin, infested with fleas and completely unsocialized. He left me about six months later, healthy and happy. Now he’s adored by his new family. I still get a tear in my eye when I think of him. Yes, Newt, definitely my favorite.

Oh, but wait, then came Buster. Playful and funny, maybe Buster was my favorite. He didn’t stay with me long, but I still remember how he made me laugh - playing in his waterbowl or pouncing on the sprinkler head. What a fun and sweet little guy. Yes, Buster, I think maybe he was my favorite.

Wait a second, though, what about Gracie? She was so pitiful when she came into my life. Abandoned at a PetSmart, Gracie had a terrible case of demodex. She had no fur from her chin to her belly, just bright red flesh. She was miserable. But, after 7 weeks of treatment, Gracie’s fur had grown back and her cute personality had begun to show through. She had become my Princess Grace. She is now the Princess of her new family’s home. Her coat is beautiful and she is oh, so loved. Yes, definitely, Gracie is my favorite.

Uh oh! How could I forget Miss Annie? Maybe I forgot because I had her for only a few days while she was being evaluated by a local veterinarian. Annie had been shot and left to die in the woods with her puppies. Annie had partial paralysis in her back legs. It was so painful to watch her staggering walk. But, the most amazing thing was, Annie could run like the wind. Truly amazing! When I first met Annie I thought, “poor girl”. But after only a few minutes, I realized there was no need to pity Annie. She was a survivor and the spunkiest little dog I’d ever met. Yes, Annie, definitely my favorite.

But then came the brothers, Boomer and Sam. Maybe the saddest story yet. They came into my life together, skinny and scared. Boomer looked out for his frightened and timid brother. Unfortunately, I did not have enough room to keep Boomer. So, Boomer went off to another foster home after a few days. I feel sure Boomer would have been my favorite had I been able to keep him.

Brother Sam stayed with me. There were many times when I felt I was not going to be able to salvage this little guy. He was so anxious, so very timid. But, little by little, Sam learned how to trust. After six months, it was time to cut the apron strings and send him on his way to a very special family, one that was experienced in rescue and knew just how to bring Sam to happiness. Sam, yes, definitely my favorite foster.

Hey, but what about Zak? Zak was another that I only had a few days. What a wonderful boy. Playful and happy, my little snuggle buddy. I wish I’d had more time with him, but his new family was waiting. Zak, my favorite foster!

Enter Rascal. What a smart boy – so obedient and loving. My hand will never recover from the month I spent rubbing his belly. Yes, sweet Rascal, he was my favorite.

Now, I look into the eyes of my current foster, Roscoe. It’s only the third day, I can tell he’ll be my favorite. As he brings his tennis ball back for the umpteenth time today, I prepare to throw it again. Roscoe, surely he’ll be my favorite.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Favorite Foster...Dazzle

I had my own little baby boy, Diego, from a pup. Decided he might enjoy a "friend", so decided to foster. My first foster was difficult at first. Dazzle girl. She was not housebroken, had several different types of worms, underweight, dull coat and very very afraid of men. It took her a little while to warm up to being here. Little girl only had one eye, the other one never developed entirely. She was a loving little baby, after she became acustomed to being here. So, after fostering her through some difficult times, she was relinquished to another foster family who had lost their sweet BT Baby and missed her very much. Dazzle fit PERFECTLY into their home and, eventually they adopted her as their own little girl. She is loved, cared for and the "Special Girl" of their home. No one could ask for a better family to have adopted her. Yes, it is our own Mark and Lisa who fostered and adopted little Dazzle girl. She is well loved and a perfect match for them! Thank you BTRNC for allowing this little girl to be part of my life for a while, and eventually finding her "Forever Home" with another foster family.

Here's a few pix for you of Little Dazzle girl. First is about 3 months after she came to me. Second is her with Diego in the hallway and lastly is Dazzle in a pix graciously sent to me by her new FOREVER FAMILY. Doesn't she look awesome??? Love will do that for you, every time!!!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Katie Update

You've seen Katie's story on our website. She has cancer. We don't know how long she has left in this world. Her foster family is determined that she will live her remaining days to the fullest. Here is a note from Katie's mom:

"Katie continues to blossom every day! She is happy more often than not, now, even wiggling her little nub of a tail. She gets very excited when we come home, and she gets really excited at dinner time! She will even come around the table with the other Girls, hoping to get a hand out from the table. She spends more time with us now, and less time in her kennel.

Like many of you, I wouldn't be able to do the foster work that I do without the support of my family. In particular, my husband, John. He is wonderful with all the dogs (we're up to 5 now!), and with Katie in particular. He has gotten her to the point that she is comfortable going outside without a leash, and will walk outside on her own. If you could've seen her in the beginning, you would understand what a special accomplishment this is! She still sticks closely to us outside, and will run to the porch if she's frightened, but at least she's taken this step.

Just know that we're doing everything we can to make whatever time Katie has left as happy as can be. Especially John. He spoils her rotten!"

What would we be without volunteers like this?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Most Memorable Foster...Buster

I've been fostering for BTRNC since the Spring of 2004. During that time, I've had 9 fosters come through my home. All of them special and unique in their own way. The one that most touched me, however, was Buster.

Buster was part of the initial dogs that were surrendered by the Woodley's in the Sanford Puppymill case. He came to me about 3 days before Christmas 2004. He was such a sad little boy - frightened to death of people, and the most awful case of cherry eye I've ever seen.

I took him in for his vet check, and he was heartworm positive - stage 3 positive. It was debated whether we should treat him, or simply let him go. BTRNC chose to treat him, and I'm so glad they did!

Over the next 6 months, Buster blossomed from a sick little boy who trusted no one, had no clue about toys or even how to climb stairs, into a boy that was happy, full of life, and the funniest little personality I've ever come across! He learned the pure joy of running at full speed through the backyard, and the simple pleasures of chewing on a Nylabone and getting his belly rubbed. In the afternoon when I would get home from work, he would do his little happy dance, prancing from foot to foot and doing his little whining sing-song. At night, he loved to snuggle in bed with me and get his ears scratched.

He was with me the longest of any of my fosters, and I knew that it would be so hard to let him go. But, if he didn't go, I couldn't help the next dog that needed me. So, BTRNC found him a wonderful new forever home. And while he is still afraid of new people, he has settled in with his family and become the spoiled little boy he deserved to be.

I'm attaching some pictures of Buster when he first came to me, and then after a few months.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy 4th of July

From Harley Flanigan

Saturday, July 01, 2006

My favorite foster...Oliver

I volunteered to foster because I was thinking about adopting a 2nd dog. Rather than committing to adoption, I decided to bring a foster dog into my home to gauge not only how my dog would respond but to see how the dynamics of my household would be affected. I have been fostering for one year; I have welcomed 5 dogs into my home during this time. I'd like to share a story about one dog who is very close to my heart.

I received the call directly from animal control. A dog had been surrendered by a victim of domestic violence. The dog had tested positive for heartworm and the shelter would not place him for adoption, rescue was his only option.

Days later, I arrived at the shelter to pick up the dog. A shelter attendant handed him over with a look of disgust on her face and muttered, "Ugh, a face only a mother could love." I took the skinny dog with the tear stained face into my arms and looked into his troubled eyes. He was beautiful. I named him Oliver.

I brought him home and planned to house him for a couple of days while our foster coordinator located a suitable foster home. I already had a foster dog who was not yet ready for adoption and I didn't have room for a 3rd dog. Or so I thought. I fell in love with Oliver and decided to foster him myself.

He was in such poor physical shape the first few weeks that the vet wouldn't agree to administer his vaccinations or heartworm treatment- Ollie was just too weak to withstand any more stress on his body. Fortunately, after months of treatment, he came through with flying colors. He gained weight and every worm was eradicated from his body. He became the picture of health.

Oliver spent the holidays with us- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. He traveled to Charlotte with me to visit family and played host to friends and family who visited our home.

Ollie was loving, gentle, affectionate and playful. He liked to nurse his plush toys, an endearing habit that I had never seen in a dog before. He let me hold him in my arms belly up while I cut his nails or rubbed his belly. He slept in our bed every night and loved to nestle against my side. When he awoke in the morning, he would crawl on his belly towards my face to say "good morning" with a wet tongue. This is how I like to remember Ollie...the mornings.

Ollie spent 4 months in my home, the longest I had ever had a foster. I seriously contemplated adopting him, but I knew that if I kept Ollie that I could not help the next dog who needed my help.

I handed Ollie over to his new family the day before Valentine's Day. He now lives with a young couple and has a Cocker Spaniel brother. Ollie still lives in town so I am able to see him on occasion. I know he is loved and cared for and that makes it all worthwhile. I am just thankful to have known him. He will always have a piece of my heart.



The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart.
-Helen Keller

It is with this quote that we begin a series on fostering. Over the next couple of weeks, we will share with you stories direct from our foster parents. Stories of rescue- laughter, tears, purpose and pride.

Dog Island

Within hours of posting Ewing's Little Duckling story, the Bashful Boston received word that a 2006 BTRNC adoptee was not too happy with her. For this dog had also taken a vacation and had pictures allegedly showing his marine prowess in the waters of Lake Norman. After several unreturned phone calls, the Bashful Boston was able to track down Frisky and apologize for leaving him out of the vacation sequence. Poor Frisky explained that he had felt slighted, shoned by the very people who had brought him sight. Frisky, your story, your determination and your delightful temperment endear you to us all. You have officially been granted a direct line to the Bashful Boston, she will Blog of your life and times at your unending discretion.

Now, to the vacation, which Frisky describes as "memorable, exhilarating and exhausting". Let's hear what Frisky's adoptive mom has to say. "Frisky enjoyed activities such as: digging holes in the sand, drinking lake water, floating with his mama, and boogie boarding in the sunshine. He also seemed to enjoy pooping in the sand and lifting his leg on the hundreds of island bushes native to ‘Dog Island'". Way to go, Frisky. No one could accuse you of not living life to the fullest.