Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If it Looks Like a Pig...

If it looks like a pig, snorts like a pig and it rolls in mud like a pig- it must be a pig, right? No, of course not! It's our beloved Sadie. Just look at this girl having the time of her life in a mud pit. Covered nose to toes without a care in the world. Oh, honey, we know how good that feels! We humans pay top dollar for those mud baths. But you, Sadie, ever the conservationist, have so cleverly discovered Mother Nature's generous offering! Sadie has the right idea, ladies! Step outside after a good rain, drop to your belly and get ready for the invigorating feel of fresh mud seeping deep into your skin. Sadie recommends rotating every 2 minutes to ensure the mud is evenly distributed.

Sweet Sadie is still available for adoption and waiting for a family who will nurture her adventurous personality. Applications are available on the BTRNC website.

Fun-loving Sadie, your bold moves endear you to the

Bashful Boston


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