Sunday, August 21, 2011


Unless this is your first time here, and if it is - WELCOME, you have probably read the last post on Peetie. Yes, even in the dog world, sometimes the youngest and to some the cutest seem to get all the attention. The difference is that dogs don't seem to mind and they certainly don't have to cry into their pillow because the boy or girl at school likes the "pretty or handsome" one.

Well when I transported Peetie to the volunteer who took him to his foster Mom, that volunteer also picked up another dog in the same parking lot. His name is Oliver and he is posted on our website.

Poor little Oliver who for 5 years has had the same home, who woke up that morning in that home, and somehow ended up in a mall parking lot with me, his Mom, Peetie, and our volunteer. Sometimes owners have to make difficult decisions and they can be very painful. It was a tearful goodbye in the parking lot. We waited patiently until his Mom was ready to hand us the leash. Oliver then ended up in some strange car with strange smells and some tiny little thing that seemed to want to jump all over the place in the front seat. Poor little Oliver made the same trip as Peetie that day since he shares his foster home with Peetie. Shame on me for not spotlighting Oliver sooner.

Oliver has macular degeneration. There is a link in his posting that has a lot of good information. In the simplest of terms, this condition affects the vision. Oliver often walks as if he is high stepping since he is not sure where the ground is. Imagine always being afraid your feet were never going to touch bottom when you walk.

But he is a good boy and he would love to have a forever home again. He doesn't understand what happened that day but he understands now that he is still fed, comforted and loved. He even occasionally attempts to play with his foster siblings, even Peetie.

Oliver may not be the tiny little puppy that everyone falls in love with at first sight. But he was loved by his first family and he deserves to be loved by a family again. He just requires a little extra care. Don't move the furniture around, and use caution around stairs as he may not be able to see the edge of the step. I hope that you consider Oliver. He was a tiny puppy once too!

Thank you!

Monday, August 01, 2011


So my last blog was depressing and I knew when I posted it that the next one needed to be happy but I didn't know then just how happy it would be.

This is Peetie, or as I called him for the 32 hours I kept him, Peetie Pete!

I will give you all a moment to look and say what everyone says... OH MY GOSH, he is too cute!

Back with me now? This little guy was brought into the pound by a young girl who said she found him. At this shelter, when any animal is brought in as lost, they are required to hold him or her for 6 days to give the owner a chance to claim him. During that time, they are held in cages with little socialization or interaction. No one, not even a rescue can do anything for them until their hold day is up.

This little mug shot was all I had for 6 long days!

Then, the day arrived and I could snatch him! The shelter workers had been very good to him. I mean really- how could you not be good to him? They kissed and hugged him goodbye and were so happy for him. These girls work in a kill shelter and face so much sadness each day, Peetie brought them a bright light.

I brought him home, all 2 pounds of him. Other than little sores on his feet from standing on a grated bottom cage, he had done remarkably well and came out with the most amazing awe and wonder at the world, grass, carpet, screens, car rides, other dogs, a cat, and best of all people to hold him, get puppy kisses from him, pet him and carry him and protect him. His little eyes were full of wonder at it all. To say he is adorable or cute does not do him justice. He is a little miracle of survival and a mascot for all dogs in shelters hoping for their miracle.

For anyone who buys puppies from breeders or pet stores, look at this face and know that there is another option out there!

Peetie learned to come up and down the stairs that were three times higher than he was in about 2 hours. He ran at my 27 pound all muscle boston boy without the slightest fear. He even tried to take a milkbone from him. I picked him up because he is way too young for milk bones. Riley just looked at me as if to say, what is this little midget and why is he taking my food???

Everyone who met him wanted to sneak him home in their purse. My sister who was visiting was no exception I promised her I would tell you all that she wanted to name him Rambo!

Peetie is between 5 and 6 weeks old and has not yet been fully vetted. He is safe and happy with his new foster Mom who will continue to help him to grow up and learn the ways of the world. He is not old enough yet to be adopted but we know he will be one day. He has a wonderful life waiting for him and believe me he can't wait! Stay tuned!