Tuesday, March 26, 2013


To all the regular readers and those that kindly follow the blog, I am well aware that posts have been few and far between lately and for that I apologize.  We have so many social media options now like Facebook and Twitter that the blog may be slowly losing it's relevance or maybe I've just been lazy.  Anyway...

We have had some wonderful happy endings recently to share:

Here is the beautiful and talented Miss Adra who joined her forever family this week as brother to another BTRNC alumn, TJ.  Adara underwent two luxating patella surgeries while in foster care but that did not deter Mom pictured above who knew this girl was the right on for she and her family.  Looks like Adara approves.  Thank you so much on behalf of BTRNC for your patience and for recognizing that imperfections can be fixed if need be or can be just a part of what makes each dog unique. Have a wonderful life!

And speaking of special needs and patience, here is our Sadie who also went home this weekend.

This little lady underwent chemotherapy treatments and again her new Mom waited to take this angel home.  Sadie also joins another BTRNC alum, Heidi.  We have been truly blessed with wonderful adopters this season. 

Let's not forget Buster who was what we refer to as a foster failure.  Even though he was recently featured on the dog shaming web site for eating the Christmas tree in his foster family's home, they still decided that he had to remain and become a part of the family.

That's Buster front and center for dinner!
 And last for this Easter entry is the wonderful, resilliant, heart stealer, Miss Dora who made it to her forever home and is reported to be doing just fine. Dora was flown by plane to rescue over a year ago.  She is a puppy mill survivor who never knew kind human contact.  She bonded with the cats in her foster home and began imitating their behavior, like sleeping on the top of furniture and shelves.  A wonderful family has come along for Dora.  We are so happy for this girl with a troubled past.

Thank you all for everything you do to support our wonderful rescue and all our wonderful furbabies.  May they all live the happiest of lives from now on!


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to all who volunteer for the rescue, and as I don't follow on Facebook, reading this blog gives me much inspiration and shows just how much we love these little dogs.

Doesn't matter if the posts on the blog are late, the stories are special, many thanks for taking the time to write.

From some one who has Boston's.


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