Sunday, May 18, 2008


Your Mom may have told you not to dip your chip back in the dip after you have bitten that chip but we at BTRNC are happy to have adoptive families come back for a second boston baby! We are thrilled at the number of times our families come back to adopt a sibling for their newest addition.

Brody's Mom came back and adopted Spencer (now named Jack) at the end of 2007. Isn't Jack a handsome man? We are sure that the cross bones on his bandanna are no reflection on his personality!

His new Mom wrote to let us know that he and Brody became instant and fast friends and the three enjoy walks together. Jack particularly enjoys meeting new people on their walks. Jack likes to say hello by doing his best imitation of a pogo stick! This makes it easy to pet him - no bending over required!

At the end of a long day, Brody and Jack get to sleep in a warm bed with soft covers. Jack was rescued and given a second chance at a most wonderful life.
Please check our available dogs and feel free to start with one, but if you find that is not enough, by all means double dip!

Sweet Dreams Jack!

Monday, May 12, 2008


When reviewing our available dogs page, there is a category that answers whether or not the featured dog is good with cats. Bostons all have unique personalities like most dogs. Most are good with cats. Some unfortunately don't mean any harm but they cannot resist the urge to chase what moves! Your resident cat may not appreciate this game and will soon grow tired of spending his days moving through your house by way of all the high places, never touching the ground. And cat owners know that when a cat is not happy, they find very strong ways of letting you know and making sure that you are not happy either.

The Boastful Boston has a cat who will spend hours grooming the resident bostons and the oldest will take her turn and groom the cat back! They are best friends. My cat is an indoor cat but she went through a phase where she felt that if her siblings go out the front door each morning, she should as well. For about 2 weeks, she would follow them out and follow them in each morning. Unfortunately, this bonding experience had to end when she decided to take a detour up a tree for a better view of her canine siblings. After my next door neighbor had to climb the tree and throw her down to me, she lost her morning outing privileges.

Scottie, adopted in 2007 is also good with cats. So much so that they have apparently entered into a conspiracy. Scottie wants something on the counter - after a brief conversation between the two, the cat jumps up on the counter and knocks the desired object to the floor within Scottie's reach.

Scottie, his forever family of newly weds, another boston and of course the cat are living a great life. If you have a cat, please don't be afraid to try a boston who has either been cleared as good with cats or one who has not yet had the opportunity to meet a cat. As is the case in my house, some of our volunteers and Scottie's house - a new best friend forever could be the result!

Monday, May 05, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Gidget

As you can see, Gidget has a very hard life at her house. Her wonderful people are volunteers for BTRNC who have accepted their limitations....they fail fostering so they do not attempt it. Instead, they answer the call for adult bostons in immediate need for safety, home and love. It is not always easy to have multiple fur babies with medical and other special needs in the house at the same time. In addition to the need for routine and medication schedules, there is always the worry that the time will all too soon arrive when it is time for a beloved family member to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Once across the Bridge, it is the belief of most dog lovers that our beloved pets are free of pain and other health problems and the will be free to romp and play until the long awaited day when dog and owner are reunited once more for eternity. Gidget and her family had to face that day not too long ago. Although Gidget misses her siblings, she knows her family does too so she does her best to make them smile every day. Her small way of saying thank you and I love you. We hope Gidget lights her family's days for a long time to come.