Friday, November 24, 2006

A Baxter Update

In late September 2006, a dog wrought with anxiety and fear arrived in foster care. Too timid to interact with his foster siblings, too scared to approach his foster mom, too fearful to accept food, Baxter spent his first days in foster care hiding behind furniture- shaking when his well-meaning foster mom approached. This picture was taken on Day 1 in foster care. It has never been shared; it is downright heartbreaking to look into his eyes and see so much pain. What trauma must Baxter have suffered in his prior life to reach this state we dare not imagine.

Baxter made progress in baby steps in his foster home. He emerged from behind the couch. He ate his food. He began to play. His trust was still broken, but it was not beyond repair. Baxter's foster mom saw potential for a bright future.

Two months after this first photo was taken, we receive an update from Baxter's adoptive family. His family accepted Baxter knowing he needed special care. A little more space, a little more patience and a lot more love than your average dog. Today, Baxter has made himself a home.

The part of Baxter's heart that allows him to trust will never be whole and new again. But, day by day, Baxter's new family is doing all they can to repair it. There are inklings of a proud BT buried deep inside Baxter's tender heart. Some day Baxter will stand tall, he will hold himself with confidence, he will know no fear.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Karson's First Thanksgiving

At only 8 months old, Karson is the youngest BT on the foster roster. This Thanksgiving was his very first. It was up to his foster family to set tradition...and make it a memorable day for sweet Karson.

The day began like every other. Karson headed straight to the toy box and pulled out his favorite 8-legged friend. He and Octopus played until they both grew weary.

It was time for a mid-morning nap. Karson spied his foster sister Ellie snoozing on her extra-large dog bed. He hoped she was willing to make room for Karson.
Karson awoke to a very delicious scent lingering in the air. Karson had never smelled anything like it! He must find the source of that smell. Karson poked his head into each and every room until he hit the jackpot in the kitchen...TURKEY!

Not so fast, Karson. It's not time to feast just yet. Why not watch some football with your foster dad? Karson thought football was boring but his dad sure was a comfy pillow. He fell asleep and dreamt of the feast that awaited him when he awoke.

Finally, time to FEAST! There is something special in your dinner bowl tonight, Karson. You've been such a patient boy that we've added some turkey and sweet potatoes to your kibble.

Karson, you're looking a little groggy. Is that turkey in your belly making you sleepy? Why don't you join your foster dad on the couch and rest your head. It's been a long day of anticipation and gratification for you.

As Karson's lids grow weary, his foster family knows Karson is thankful to have a warm house, an abundance of food and friends to share it with. If only all dogs were so lucky.

Thank you for allowing us to share the story of Karson's First Thanksgiving with you. If you'd like to make Karson's First Christmas a special one, visit our Available Dogs page and submit your application before it's too late!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The BTRNC Calendar

If you've visited our website lately you are aware that our 2007 Calendar is now on sale through CafePress. The calendar features 13 magnificent photos of rescued Bostons- some funny, some poignant and some just plain adorable. The fact is, we received so many beautiful photos that it was hard to choose just 13. Today, we pay homage to a few of the photos that didn't make the cut but are still worthy of an audience!

First, we have Edgar, adopted in November 2005 by Janet and Greg. Edgar now lives in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC.

Here we have a portrait of Popeye by artist Patti Meador. Popeye is owned and loved by BTRNC volunteer, Pamela.

Tootsie's face has appeared many times in the BTRNC Blog. She was adopted in March 2006 and lives in Georgia with BTRNC volunteer, Michelle.

Here is a very silly picture of Barney, adopted in March 2005 by BTRNC volunteers Nolene and Brad.

And last but not least is Barney's sister Chelsea. Chelsea was adopted in September 2004. We can't resist a good tongue picture.

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Playdate with Bugsi

Among the ranks of our foster dogs is a dog so full of life, so full of play, so full of love he is infectious to all who cross his path. To know Bugsi is to love Bugsi.

The Bashful Boston spent a weekend with Bugsi having all sorts of doggie fun.

We played tug.

We played ball.

We played with Mr. Octopus.

And after all that play, we had just enough energy for a trip to the dog park. We made some new friends and played more of Bugsi's favorite game, fetch.

And when the playdate ended, and Bugsi returned to his foster home, the Bashful Boston took a well deserved nap.

If you're interested in a lifetime playdate with Bugsi, please visit our Available Dogs page and complete an application. Bugsi is waiting.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chance's Weekend Rendez-Vous?

The Bashful Boston has a crush on one very handsome, very dignified man. She had the pleasure of his acquaintance at a stop during his weekend travels. Strong and debonair, he is hard to resist. They call him Chance. The Bashful Boston calls him a dreamboat.

Muscular and athletic with a gorgeous brindle coat, Chance is the kind of eye candy most girls only dream of.

The problem. There is another woman in Chance's life. A woman by the name of Laura. They say Laura is Chance's foster mom and the relationship is benign but the Bashful Boston isn't so sure.

Take a look at these pictures of this Chance and Laura duo. What do you think? Should the Bashful Boston step up her game to win Chance's heart? Is Laura competition?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Life of a Gypsy Part II

In early September, we shared a special blog about a dog named Gypsy who is close to our hearts. Gypsy's life and health has been a roller coaster from the very beginning. You can read Gypsy's story at The Life of a Gypsy Part I.

Today, we share with you a Happy Ending story that rivals all others. Below is a message we received from Gypsy's adoptive parents.

When I was a Humane Officer, my advice to people who just had a beloved pet die for one reason or another, was to get another pet, as this helped the grieving process. When we lost our beloved Hillary, we were both devestated, but I was determined to find another Boston as soon as possible. Checking several Boston Terrier rescue sites on the web, I came across BTRNC. Posted on the site and available for adopton was a picture of GYPSY. When I saw that sweet little face, I could already tell this was one very special and very sweet little Boston girl. Luckily for us, our application was processed without due, and we were informed that we could adopt Gypsy, if we still wanted her. There was no doubt that this was the one we wanted.

Gypsy came home with us on August 30th and it has been "Happy Endings", ever since.
When she got here she was the sweet and meek little girl. Never had we met a dog with such a loving heart. Over time she has lost her meekness, but never her sweet and loving heart. It has been such a joy to watch her personality blossom and come into her own. Everyone that has met her wants to take her home with them. We took her to Ohio in October to meet her big Sister and her children, both 2 legged and 4 legged, and she was an instant hit.

Gypsy has slept in our bed since that first night and now she thinks she owns it. She has the most curious habit of shoving her head under my pillow and sleeping that way. At first her brother, Charlie the Chihuahua, just tolerated having her around and knew that she was not his former sissy, but over time he has accepted her and they get along great.

Gypsy, is one awesome Boston and we can't get over how fortunate we were to find BTRNC, and the fact that she was available for adoption. Never will we be able to thank you enough.

And they lived happily ever after.