Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sam I Am

It was a cold February day that a BTRNC volunteer came across a tiny classified ad in her local paper that caught her attention. "Boston Terrier- Free to Good Home" it read. Concerned for the dog's well-being, the volunteer called the number and convinced the elderly woman who answered the phone to turn the dog over to rescue rather than an unknown fate.

The volunteer arrived to pick up the dog and was disturbed to find that this well-to-do woman had banished this little Boston Terrier from her home to another building on her property where he spent his days alone. Although scruffy, the woman's other dogs remained warm and cozy by her side. It was clear that this little Boston Terrier had been the black sheep of the family.

Days later, the little dog named Samuel arrived in foster care. This untamed, insecure, bundle of energy had a long road ahead of him. It was clear to his foster mom that he had been deprived of human attention for years. Samuel was caught in his own internal rift of wanting to be loved but not knowing how to accept it. Samuel also suffered from what our wise BTRNC foster coordinator calls "poor impulse control." The cats in Samuel's foster home took the brunt of this "condition".

In the months that followed, Samuel progressed in baby steps. He learned that he would be fed twice a day, every day, with yummy treats in-between. He learned that belly rubs were heaven's delight. He learned how to sit, to stay, to come and to wait. He knew a bite of cheese and a pat on the head would be his reward. He learned that baskets of toys existed solely for his own delight. He learned that napping on the couch was allowed, but only if he promised not to drool. Sam never did learn that cats were not on the menu. Nevertheless, Samuel proved he was a diamond in the rough. His journey had begun.

Who would accompany Samuel on the journey that would span the rest of his life? Enter Betsy and Noel, a young couple looking for a Boston Terrier who needed a home. What was special about this couple? They bypassed the easy dogs- the laid-back, quick to smile, carefree dogs. They chose Sam. They knew he was not perfect, they knew he would be a challenge. They chose him anyway.

For the first time in his life, Sam has a real chance for happiness. Here we have two people who can look past his tough exterior and love him for what he is. To Betsy and Noel, we thank you and we wish you luck. To Samuel, be a good boy and listen to your new mom and dad- they'll look out for you.

Oh, little Samuel. Your story touches the heart of the

Bashful Boston


At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Mary said...

Tears. I'm so glad he's in his forever home!


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