Tuesday, June 18, 2013



I am not entirely sure if the name for this precious flower will remain Daisy but it was the name given to me by her wonderful rescuer in a Home Depot parking lot so for now, we will go with Daisy.

A volunteer for pug rescue pulled 3 pugs from a backyard breeder who was tired of the business.  The dogs were living in cages with no exposure to grass, houses or people.  They were, as most breeder dogs were removed from their cage only long enough to perform the necessary duties to have puppies.  They are a means to an income, not seen as anything else.  While she was there, she came upon a boston terrier and knew she could not leave her there so she took her too!  BTRNC thanks you Casey and will stand by to return the favor if you ever need anything.

Casey took Daisy home and then to the vet as she had explosive diarhea.  In addition, she was so terrified the first time she ever entered a home, she fell over and shook.  The vet could not even get a good stool sample because she was so infested with worms.  Casey took her home with medicine and nursed her for 5 days until we could arrange transport for this angel into foster care.  I was the lucky volunteer who got to transport her.

Flash forward to the Home Depot parking lot on a bright Saturday morning.  I turned the corner over where the mulch is stacked and saw first the most adorable tiny little package of boston trotting along next to the human who I of course noticed second.  I was smitten before I ever parked the car.  Good thing I was traveling the following week or she may not have made it past my home town. 

Along with Daisy came a leash, harness, a basket full of toys and 2 blankets from Casey.  She rode fine with me on top of her favorite fuzzy blanket.  She settled right down after she attacked the monster in the shape of a plastic water bottle in my console for me. I delivered the precious bundle to her foster Mom who also happens to be our President.  Lucky Daisy! 

Betsy updates that she gets along well with other dogs, is very active and energetic.  The vets seem to think she is between 2 and 3.  She was to be spayed last Friday, her worms are gone and her stool is solid.  She will soon be ready for a very lucky forever home.  This baby is a doll, complete with haggerty spot (dot on her forehead)  She is also currently posted on facebook with additional pictures.