Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Little Duckling

It's encore time for Ewing! Due to popular demand, we brought this handsome boy back for a few more minutes in the spotlight.

As you learned in a previous Blog, Ewing is living the charmed life with his mom, Courtney. Recently, Ewing traveled to Lake Fontana to escape the fanfare that an advertisement for canine apparel brought on. The paparazzi can be brutal-even for the most handsome, confident of BTs.

Doting mom Courtney describes Ewing's first swim at the lake, "He could just kinda glide on top of the water like a little duck. He would swim around but his favorite part was getting out of the water and sun-bathing on the dock... Everyone just loved him and most of the entertainment for the day was watching him swim around and chase the ducks in the lake."

Ewing, your doggie paddle is a work of art.

Swim, swim, swim cheers the Bashful Boston!


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