Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Remembering Belle and Bandit

Are you curious about the 5 Boston faces that grace the face of our webpage day in and day out? You've seen the pictures, full of good old fashioned black and white charm. Today, we will share with you the story of the 4th face. A dog known by the name of of BTRNC's first adoptees. And in sharing Bandit's story, we must also pay tribute to his beautiful sister, Belle. Bandit and Belle died 6 days apart in fall 2005. Their mom, Joiann, tells their story.

I adopted Bandit (10 years old) in May 2003 and Belle (8 years old) in December 2003. Belle was only supposed to be a foster, and from what I know, Bandit was the first Boston adopted out of BTRNC!!!! I am so glad that I found this group, or I would never have had these baby dolls in my life.

I was browsing the website one day and I came across Bandit's picture. When I saw him in that little red shirt, with that "Eeyore" looking little face... I knew I had to have this baby! I contacted the number, and it brought me to BTRNC. I was told the rescue had just formed, and saved Bandit (affectionately known as"Grandpa") . He was discarded by his owners at the age of 10, for the fact that they claimed that he was unable to be housebroken! And dumped him in a shelter! BTRNC thought I was the right person to adopt, so Grandpa came to meet us..... It was love at first sight!!! He never left my side from that moment on.... and never had one potty accident in the house! He was the perfect little man! Bandit had a number of health issues that were of course unknown, but he was able to live with, but was being treated for.... I lost my Darling Bandit October 25. 2005, due to a heart problem, with him I lost a piece of my heart!

Belle came to me as a foster, and was with us a number of months, and there was an inquiry about her, but the interested party did not work out... so we adopted Belle! She was a wonderful little girl and we loved her dearly... We were all one big happy family. I have a Lab mix, a Chihuahua, and a Siamese as well! On October 19, 2005 we lost our Belle due to complications of a massive seizure she had about ten days before.Though we lost our sweet babies only six days apart.... they brought us such joy in the short time we had them.... and I hope that we brought them a feeling of love, safety, and a sense of knowing that we adored and cherished them!!

I hope that anyone who is looking for a lifetime companion,a loyal loving member of their family.... would consider adopting a Senior dog (hopefully a Boston rescue) It will be one the most joyous and fulfilling experiences in their life...I hope you enjoy their story. Thank you for letting me share my experience with you!!!



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