Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Favorite Foster...Dazzle

I had my own little baby boy, Diego, from a pup. Decided he might enjoy a "friend", so decided to foster. My first foster was difficult at first. Dazzle girl. She was not housebroken, had several different types of worms, underweight, dull coat and very very afraid of men. It took her a little while to warm up to being here. Little girl only had one eye, the other one never developed entirely. She was a loving little baby, after she became acustomed to being here. So, after fostering her through some difficult times, she was relinquished to another foster family who had lost their sweet BT Baby and missed her very much. Dazzle fit PERFECTLY into their home and, eventually they adopted her as their own little girl. She is loved, cared for and the "Special Girl" of their home. No one could ask for a better family to have adopted her. Yes, it is our own Mark and Lisa who fostered and adopted little Dazzle girl. She is well loved and a perfect match for them! Thank you BTRNC for allowing this little girl to be part of my life for a while, and eventually finding her "Forever Home" with another foster family.

Here's a few pix for you of Little Dazzle girl. First is about 3 months after she came to me. Second is her with Diego in the hallway and lastly is Dazzle in a pix graciously sent to me by her new FOREVER FAMILY. Doesn't she look awesome??? Love will do that for you, every time!!!



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