Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Favorite Foster(s)?

A favorite foster…hmmmm. Let’s see, that must be Newt, my first - my sweet little deaf boy. He came to me from a puppy mill, terribly thin, infested with fleas and completely unsocialized. He left me about six months later, healthy and happy. Now he’s adored by his new family. I still get a tear in my eye when I think of him. Yes, Newt, definitely my favorite.

Oh, but wait, then came Buster. Playful and funny, maybe Buster was my favorite. He didn’t stay with me long, but I still remember how he made me laugh - playing in his waterbowl or pouncing on the sprinkler head. What a fun and sweet little guy. Yes, Buster, I think maybe he was my favorite.

Wait a second, though, what about Gracie? She was so pitiful when she came into my life. Abandoned at a PetSmart, Gracie had a terrible case of demodex. She had no fur from her chin to her belly, just bright red flesh. She was miserable. But, after 7 weeks of treatment, Gracie’s fur had grown back and her cute personality had begun to show through. She had become my Princess Grace. She is now the Princess of her new family’s home. Her coat is beautiful and she is oh, so loved. Yes, definitely, Gracie is my favorite.

Uh oh! How could I forget Miss Annie? Maybe I forgot because I had her for only a few days while she was being evaluated by a local veterinarian. Annie had been shot and left to die in the woods with her puppies. Annie had partial paralysis in her back legs. It was so painful to watch her staggering walk. But, the most amazing thing was, Annie could run like the wind. Truly amazing! When I first met Annie I thought, “poor girl”. But after only a few minutes, I realized there was no need to pity Annie. She was a survivor and the spunkiest little dog I’d ever met. Yes, Annie, definitely my favorite.

But then came the brothers, Boomer and Sam. Maybe the saddest story yet. They came into my life together, skinny and scared. Boomer looked out for his frightened and timid brother. Unfortunately, I did not have enough room to keep Boomer. So, Boomer went off to another foster home after a few days. I feel sure Boomer would have been my favorite had I been able to keep him.

Brother Sam stayed with me. There were many times when I felt I was not going to be able to salvage this little guy. He was so anxious, so very timid. But, little by little, Sam learned how to trust. After six months, it was time to cut the apron strings and send him on his way to a very special family, one that was experienced in rescue and knew just how to bring Sam to happiness. Sam, yes, definitely my favorite foster.

Hey, but what about Zak? Zak was another that I only had a few days. What a wonderful boy. Playful and happy, my little snuggle buddy. I wish I’d had more time with him, but his new family was waiting. Zak, my favorite foster!

Enter Rascal. What a smart boy – so obedient and loving. My hand will never recover from the month I spent rubbing his belly. Yes, sweet Rascal, he was my favorite.

Now, I look into the eyes of my current foster, Roscoe. It’s only the third day, I can tell he’ll be my favorite. As he brings his tennis ball back for the umpteenth time today, I prepare to throw it again. Roscoe, surely he’ll be my favorite.



At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Annie can still run like the wind! It is painful to watch her walk, but she's such a happy, spunky little girl that it doesn't slow her down a bit. I'll be sure to give her hugs from you!


At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Elaine said...

I knew who this was as soon as I read the first one, and then said here comes Buster. I am like you, after 43 fosters, how can I say who was my favorite? There are so very many I remember with fond memories!


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