Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Most Memorable Foster...Buster

I've been fostering for BTRNC since the Spring of 2004. During that time, I've had 9 fosters come through my home. All of them special and unique in their own way. The one that most touched me, however, was Buster.

Buster was part of the initial dogs that were surrendered by the Woodley's in the Sanford Puppymill case. He came to me about 3 days before Christmas 2004. He was such a sad little boy - frightened to death of people, and the most awful case of cherry eye I've ever seen.

I took him in for his vet check, and he was heartworm positive - stage 3 positive. It was debated whether we should treat him, or simply let him go. BTRNC chose to treat him, and I'm so glad they did!

Over the next 6 months, Buster blossomed from a sick little boy who trusted no one, had no clue about toys or even how to climb stairs, into a boy that was happy, full of life, and the funniest little personality I've ever come across! He learned the pure joy of running at full speed through the backyard, and the simple pleasures of chewing on a Nylabone and getting his belly rubbed. In the afternoon when I would get home from work, he would do his little happy dance, prancing from foot to foot and doing his little whining sing-song. At night, he loved to snuggle in bed with me and get his ears scratched.

He was with me the longest of any of my fosters, and I knew that it would be so hard to let him go. But, if he didn't go, I couldn't help the next dog that needed me. So, BTRNC found him a wonderful new forever home. And while he is still afraid of new people, he has settled in with his family and become the spoiled little boy he deserved to be.

I'm attaching some pictures of Buster when he first came to me, and then after a few months.



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