Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dog Island

Within hours of posting Ewing's Little Duckling story, the Bashful Boston received word that a 2006 BTRNC adoptee was not too happy with her. For this dog had also taken a vacation and had pictures allegedly showing his marine prowess in the waters of Lake Norman. After several unreturned phone calls, the Bashful Boston was able to track down Frisky and apologize for leaving him out of the vacation sequence. Poor Frisky explained that he had felt slighted, shoned by the very people who had brought him sight. Frisky, your story, your determination and your delightful temperment endear you to us all. You have officially been granted a direct line to the Bashful Boston, she will Blog of your life and times at your unending discretion.

Now, to the vacation, which Frisky describes as "memorable, exhilarating and exhausting". Let's hear what Frisky's adoptive mom has to say. "Frisky enjoyed activities such as: digging holes in the sand, drinking lake water, floating with his mama, and boogie boarding in the sunshine. He also seemed to enjoy pooping in the sand and lifting his leg on the hundreds of island bushes native to ‘Dog Island'". Way to go, Frisky. No one could accuse you of not living life to the fullest.


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