Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Libby Hill Diary
as told by the Johnson Family

A few weeks back, one of our longtime volunteers stepped forward to foster a senior dog named Libby. Below is a chronicle of Libby making herself at home with the Johnsons.

7/1 I am just sending a quick progress note about Libby... She arrived at my house about 2:30 with Betsy, and almost immediately settled right in! One by one we introduced my other three dogs, and they received each other very well! The cat was out and about all the while, and there was absolutely no interaction at all!
So far everyone is getting along beautifully...Libby Hill (I already have a little nickname for her) is just darling as could be!She is so sweet and loving, very generous with the kisses too! She has had a nice satisfying dinner, and made herself cozy in a doggy bed and blanky....she appears to be totally content! She will be a hard one to part with!

7/2 I am trying very hard to get some pics. that really show how beautiful Libby is!!! Poor thing, she is just so tired!!! But here are a couple.... I can't tell you how sweet she is!! This is going to be a tough one for me to part with, I can tell already!! Whenever I foster.... everyone says Uh-Oh!

7/3 Well...Little Liberace has "woken up"! She is starting to feel better and has become more rested and is starting to become familiar with her with that I have seen a whole new Miss Libby!!!!! She has decided that all toys are hers, that she is part gazelle, and that she now belongs in our bed where Magnolia's place was, and she not willing to negotiate! She is still as sweet as can be...but what a difference a day makes!

7/4 Libby wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July. And say that she is so thankful to be in a loving home where she is safe, and cool, with lots of yummy things to eat whenever she wants!! Libby is finding more and more fun things to do, and learn what it's like to enjoy life!!! I'm telling you... I think I'll have to be sedated to get her away from me!!

7/9 I thought you might enjoy a peak at what bed time at the Johnson's looks like lately.... This is my side of the bed... Doesn't it look like I would be so comfy? These are Magnolia and Libby... I love them both dearly, so I don't mind sharing with them!! Libby is only SUPPOSED to be a foster, but as you can see, she is making herself right at home... She doesn't leave me for a moment! That is making this very difficult not to become too attached! I don't know...maybe a permanent foster?

7/21 Announcement from BTRNC Congratulations goes to the Johnsons and Libby! Special thanks to her foster parents, who are now her forever mom and dad. What a blessing!

7/22 Thank you for your well wishes and kind thoughts regarding Libby and her joining our family! We love her very much and are honored to be her Mom and Dad... I really feel that we are the lucky ones to have such genuine, unconditional love! Thank all of you that make this rescue the success that it is.

The Johnson Family


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