Saturday, September 16, 2006

Unconditional Lulu

This face is a familiar one if you are a regular visitor of the BTRNC website. Here we have the adorable Lulu adopted just a couple of weeks ago by a couple looking to open their home to a special Boston Terrier. Lulu was that lucky girl.

We received a note from Lulu's new mom that aptly describes post-Boston life.

It has been fun discovering her very distinct personality, that she had a special bark for the doorbell or a knock on the door, that she doesn’t like having her ears touched, that she loves loves loves being rubbed on the belly, and hates getting her little paws on wet grass. She is constantly charging up with toys so that we will play with her. We have nicknamed her “mooch” for her rapt attention anytime either one of us goes into the kitchen for any reason. She has claimed the laundry basket alcove in our bedroom as her place to sleep, each night she carefully tugs out one of my husband’s shirts, pulls it into her little doggie bed and curls up on top...

People say that having a pet around reduces the stress level, and for me, being welcomed home with unconditional love and kisses and then taking her for her long evening walk around the neighborhood easily washes away the workday. My husband loves to come home and play games with her, and its usually the first time I see him smile after a long workday.

We are happy to report that this is definitely Lulu’s “forever” home, as they say. We enjoy her company to no end and love her dearly. We owe a big thanks to BTRNC!

No need to thank us, Lulu's mom. Thank you for bypassing those nearly irresistible Boston puppies and choosing to rescue an adult. Thank you for your patience in moving through the adoption process. Thank you for opening your home to a dog that had been shut out from another. Thank you for the love, stability and sense of belonging that you offer Lulu day in and day out.


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