Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ewing's Summer Vacation

The last time we heard from Ewing he was swimming in Lake Fontana beside his doting mom, Courtney. Not long before that, Ewing advised us to keep an eye out for his gorgeous mug in the pages of more than one publication in Wilmington.

Today's material may incite envy in the hearts and minds of Bostons everywhere. We suggest you view this Blog in private- far, far away from those wandering bug eyes.

Ready? Don't say I didn't warn you...

Our last communication from Ewing traveled across the country to reach us. Deep from the heart of Yosemite National Park arrived a virtual postcard.

To BTRNC, Just wanted to send a pic of me as I enjoy Yosemite National Park. Pictured with me is mom, mom's boyfriend Jon, and his dog Lucky (my big brother). I had so much fun walking on all the trails and receiving attention from the other tourists here. I leave on Sunday to head back to NC but I think I like the California squirrels much better than the ones in NC. Me and Lucky have so much fun chasing them around the backyard.

Have you ever heard of a dog living a more charmed life than our little Ewing? Clearly, mom Courtney is a firm believer in family vacations- and a family vacation isn't complete without all four-legged members in tow!

Dearest Ewing, it is with some difficulty that we unselfishly set all notions of jealousy aside and anxiously await details of all your future travels!


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