Monday, September 04, 2006

An Update on Katie

You've read her story on our home page and maybe you've read of Katie in a previous Blog. Today, we hear direct from Katie's foster mom who shares with us how Katie is coping with terminal cancer.

"Emotionally, Katie is doing wonderful. She has become so playful and loving. She has learned how good it feels to get her butt scratched, and now everytime I sit down she comes and leans up against me at looks at her backside! She loves to run around the yard, and we've even caught her doing the BT500. She does this funny little grunting noise while she's running around. It's too funny. All this from a girl that just 3 short months ago I had to physically drag out of the kennel to go outside.

Physically, things are not going so well for this angel. I took her in for a follow up x-ray of her lungs, and 4 more areas have appeared just the last 2 months. She also has a couple of infected places around her incision. Her vet is not sure what's going on or why these infections are appearing. They may have something to do with the mammary cancer, but we don't know. She also has a lump on her right elbow. It may be mast cell or it may be benign. Again, we don't know. Her vet doesn't want to aspirate it because if it's mast cell, that could make the histimines spread and cause her to have a severe reaction.

So, we are treating her problems as best we can to keep her comfortable and happy for however long she has left. Considering the rate at which the cancer is showing up in her lungs, it could be just a matter of a few months. But right now, she is happy, content and spoiled rotten. Just as she should be."

Yes, just as she should be. We thank Katie's foster mom, dad and sisters for providing Katie a home, a warm lap, a romp in the backyard and yummy treats during her last months.

If you would like to make a donation to BTRNC in Katie's name, please visit our donations page and click on the Make a Donation button.


At 9:38 PM, Blogger BostonGirlie said...

Katie...We love you!

Please always remember you are in our hearts .


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