Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kiss and Tell

Our newest arrival Wally has a secret.

Wally thinks he is the best Boston kisser in the history of the breed. One smooch, planted unexpectedly on his foster mom, and she was a believer.

Might this be the face of a dog that all others strive to become? Might this be the tongue that is replicated and remembered by time honored statues for years to come?

Look closely at this picture. A dignified face, you say? Don't be fooled, Wally is planning his next move- scanning his neighborhood in search of a face to plant his next kiss.

Lord only knows how many followers Wally has enchanted with his big, slobbery kisses. Lord only knows how many more unsuspecting victims, er individuals, Wally intends to kiss in his lifetime.

Wally's reputation is at stake here, ladies and gentleman. Is he in fact the best Boston kisser that has ever walked this earth? Let's help this boy out the best we can and let him prove it! Should you ever encounter our Wally please close your eyes and prepare for a stupefying, face-drenching kiss of a lifetime. The Bashful Boston promises you won't be disappointed.

If you are interested in a long term relationship with Wally, please visit our Available Dogs page for more information.


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