Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Franny is Waiting for a Home of Her Own

Today, foster mom Karen introduces you to her beloved Franny.

Want to introduce you to the sweetest foster I have ever had, Franny...

She has a favorite pillow she has taken over since she arrived although she will share if you ask nicely!! She likes to chew on bones although this is a new thing since she started feeling better. This is the only time I have heard her growl at the other dogs if they try to take that bone away, but not a mean growl so we just say "no" and call the other doggies off and she goes back to that sweet little girl.

My oldest child is a Min Pin person, well since Franny came into our house we are convincing her what is the better dog. Franny is the only foster who has ever been allowed to sleep in my oldest ones bed and has been since about day three that she was here.
Her favorite thing is to lay in front our side door and sun bath she will do it for hours on end if you let her. This past weekend she started wanting to just lay in the sun when you take her out, she
does her business and then plops down whereever and doesn't want to get up you have to go and pick her up and carry her in the house. That stubburn Boston coming out!!!
Franny will be missed by all in my house when she goes onto that perfect home that I know she will find. My family has enjoyed all our babies and have worked to make them all good Bostons, but in Franny's case no work was needed other than to get her through her sickness [heartworm disease].

If you'd like to hear more about the delightful little Franny, please visit the Available Dogs page.


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