Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hungry No More
Isabelle was pulled from a SC shelter scared, hungry and infested with whipworm and heartworm. She had no concept of being a dog when she arrived at her foster home. When her foster mommy threw a fleece ball to her, it hit her in the face. She didn't know how to interact with the other dogs in her family and she wanted to stay i
n her crate all the time. Her foster mommy is in the process of fattening her up and getting her healthy. She is going back to the vet soon to see if the heartworms and whipworms are gone. Isabelle has begun to become part of the pack. She knew she was an accepted part of the family when her foster grandma made Isabelle her very own bandanna to keep her cool in hot weather. (She is the one in the yellow).

Isabelle is beginning to play with her foster siblings, Teeny and Boo and she loves to curl up for a nap with Pip when their mom is at work. She is discovering things she never knew. She loves toys. She is not always sure what to do with them, but she likes to have them all around her. She is venturing out of her crate and loves to be on Mommy's bed. She is a little protective of her food, but that is to be understood. She was starving when she first got here and is still learning that she will always have enough food.

Isabelle, affectionately known as Izzy or Isabelly-jelly will be available for adoption as soon as she gets the okay from the vet. Won't you consider giving this sweet girl a home? Visit our available dogs page to find out more. If you are unable to adopt her, please consider being a sponsor to help pay her vet bills.

The Boston

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At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Izzy looks so happy now! I was the one who pulled Izzy and Jackson from shelter in SC. Thank you for everything that you have done...


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