Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The Boastful Boston must admit that she became smitten with Tootsie at first glance on the web site in 2006. I mean really, how can you not fall for this face?

Determined jaw, strong under bite and a nose that might actually soften the boston characteristic snore!

Apparently her foster mother was also smitten since she chose to make Tootsie's forever home right there with her, foster no more. Since that time, the members of BTRNC have been treated to videos starring Tootsie and lots of pictures of Tootsie being her adorable dignified self. The Boastful Boston has even heard talk that Tootsie "woos" her Mom upon her arrival home. It's a personal thing you see. While her boston siblings are racing around like the nuts they are, Tootsie enjoys the spot light by presenting her backside and celebrating the reunion of their family with a "woo woo woo."

Tootsie also enjoys the comforts of her own take on a security blanket, her "woobie". Seen here in a private moment, Tootsie is not ashamed to say, "I LOVE MY WOOBIE!"

Tootsie is a lucky girl in the company of many other boston babies who found their forever homes through rescue and a second chance. On behalf of all of them, Tootsie says: "woo woo"!

The Boastful Boston


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