Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Most often, when a boston is placed with his or her forever family, there is a 2 week trial period during which the forever family and the boston get to know one another and confirm that a good match has been made.

Upon arriving at his forever home however, Camden said, “no one told me about a trial period! I like it here – you wouldn’t give me back would you?”

It looks good Camden! You have new treats toys and a bed. You have won the extended family over with your expressions and good manners. Your new forever Mom’s Mom has threatened to steal you away! Looks like you have made a good impression.

How is this pose for the Happy Endings page? Camden asks.

Camden is learning his new routine, including when to eat and when to go into his crate for away time. He loves having someone’s lap to share during a thunderstorm and especially loves it when he gets to go play with other bostons and other four legged furry friends!

After another happy day, Camden is settled in for the night. Sweet dreams handsome boy. You are home!


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