Sunday, August 12, 2007

Introducing Jelly
I was told that I was found in a grocery store in Georgia. I don't remember much because I was in bad shape at the time. Someone picked me up and after a series of transports by some really nice people, I ended up in my foster home in NC. When I first arrived I was pretty listless and my foster mom wasn't quite sure what to think of me. My eyes oscillated rapidly back and forth causing mom to think of a dog possessed. It turns out I had an ear infection. The infection had travelled to my middle ear and was causing me a lot of pain. Both ears are in tip-top shape now. I do have a couple of medical conditions that are kept in check with medication.

So, now I'm living the good life. The vet told me I was 10 years old and called me a "senior." I wasn't sure what a "senior" was, but I figured it was a compliment. My foster mom says I'm older and that makes me a senior dog. Ha! Older is better if you ask me. I don't chew on things I'm not supposed to or get into the trash. I don't jump up on people or run circles around the house. I'm not saying that I have observed any of these behaviors in my foster siblings, I'm just saying I don't do them. I like to go for short walks, especially if some of my foster siblings are going. I try to engage my siblings in play by bumping up against them and wagging my tail. They don't seem to understand though. Mostly, I like to kick back and sleep when I'm at home. My foster mom says that I am the perfect reading companion. Mom gets to read while I rest and get the occasional head or "under chin" rub. I like to chew on bones too, so I hang out near mom and chew for hours while she gets her chores done.

Mind you, I don't sleep all of the time. I just rest up for when mom decides to take me out on the town. I hang out in downtown Winston-Salem a lot. I have quite the fan club down there. We check out the gallery hops or the downtown music scene. Sometimes, mom will sit at a table outside and I get a big bowl of water while she drinks a sweet tea.
I'd love to find a home where I can relax and be loved. I promise to give you lots of love in return.

If you are unable to adopt Jelly, consider donating money to help pay her vet bills. She incurred several big bills when she was first rescued, please visit the available dog page.
The Boston

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At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Laura Myers said...

What a sweet "old" lady! I just love seniors. I wish I could adopt you but I have three bostons, one of which can be dog-aggressive. :-(
You're a sweet girl and I hope you have a long and lushous life!

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Tina with JJ, Cindy and Spike said...

You are a charming gal! Bless you and your foster family.

At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Tina with JJ, Cindy and Spike said...

You will be missed.

At 5:37 PM, Blogger smyal2000 said...

Jelly, I know you have gone to a better place. No sickness and the ability to run and play! My family lost our senior lady this year also, your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Boston Lovers In Madison, N.C.

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Jill, Phil & Brandy said...

May you rest in peace in God's arms little Jelly!


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